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Tanned Skin is Damaged Skin

In light of the proposed new taxes and expanded restrictions on the use of tanning beds,  it’s important to be cautioned about that “healthy glow.”

People underestimate the damage you can do to your skin with just one trip to a tanning bed or one day laying out by the pool

There are two obvious dangers associated with tanning:

1. Increased risk for melanoma

More and more cases of melanoma are being diagnosed each year, and in an alarmingly younger audience. In fact, according to a recent National Institute of Cancer study the rate of melanoma cases among young women has tripled since 1973.

People under 30 that use tanning beds increase their risk of skin cancer by nearly 75 percent. Furthermore, last July the World Health Organization listed ultraviolet radiation-emitting beds as “carcinogenic to humans,” its highest category of cancer risk. It’s plain to see that tanning and its association with melanoma is a telltale sign what you’re doing is bad for your health.

2. Deteriorating beauty

If the risk of cancer wasn’t enough to scare people away from the tanning beds, maybe the damage to healthy, vibrant and youthful skin will be. Tanning causes premature aging, leathery skin and can cause sun spots later in life, among other damages.

There are alternatives to tanning in a bed now, so don’t put yourself in harm’s way. The secret to having skin that anyone would covet? Airbrush tanning If you think tan equates to the beauty, try spray tanning.

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