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Healthy Tailgating Tips

It’s that time of year again…fall, cooler weather and football season! Whether you are tailgating at the football game with a few friends or hosting a football extravaganza, here are some healthy tips for a winning game plan this season. Remember the goal is to enjoy your favorite things in moderation.

Use these tips from Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services to make your next tailgate healthy and delicious:

  • Have a healthy snack before you arrive. Don’t skip meals thinking you can save up for the tailgating party. Eat your regularly scheduled meals and snacks. Remember, eating meals/snacks every 4-5 hours can support your metabolism and decrease hunger.
  • Focus on the game and the good company, not the food.
  • Alternate non-caloric beverages with caloric beverages. Calories add up quickly with alcohol and regular sodas.
  • Fill your plate once so you know what you are eating, instead of grazing all afternoon or evening.
  • Take your time and eat slowly…you’ll eat less.
  • Don’t forget to work in exercise either before or after the game.
  • Drink wisely and hydrate often. You can bring water bottles, low-calorie fitness water (Propel or Glaceau’s Vitamin Water), iced tea, diet green tea or diet sodas. You might try the “to go” packets of Crystal Light or tea to mix into water bottles. Of course, light beer and wine spritzers (4 oz. Merlot with 4 oz. diet lemon-lime soda) are a calorie-saving idea.

To find suggestions on low-calorie appetizers, entrées, and side dishes, visit the Cooper Aerobics Health Tools.

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