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Cooper Fitness Center IGNITE!

Do you want your kids active in a program that combines athletic training, nutrition, and education, and is a ton of fun? We have just what you’re looking for.

Cooper Fitness Center’s IGNITE! youth fitness program is back this fall and quickly becoming the after-school activity of choice for many kids. They’re playing sports, games, and other fitness activities, and having a blast.

Ten-year-old Alexandra Gholi, a student at Parish Episcopal School, has participated in IGNITE! since the program began last December. Every week she looks forward to her IGNITE! Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Here’s what she says about the program.

Q. Do you play any sports or have some favorite sports to participate in?
A. Yes, I play soccer, softball, and I like to swim.

Q. What do you enjoy most about IGNITE!?
A. I feel like IGNITE! helps me become a better athlete. It’s fun to do after school and it’s a good workout after sitting in school all day.

Q. How has IGNITE! helped you in sports?
A. I can tell that my endurance has increased.

Q. What do you think about Coach Shannon Edwards?
A. He is a good coach and he helps push me when I feel like I want to stop.

Q. Why do you keep coming back to IGNITE!?
A. I know it helps me stay in shape and I like it!

Designed to help youth ages 8-12 develop their athletic skills, IGNITE! exercises and activities focus on agility, coordination, endurance, balance, speed, power, and strength. The program also teaches the importance of making healthy choices and the fundamentals of fitness.

For more information or to register, visit CooperYouth.com or contact Meredith Rosson, Director of Youth Programs at Cooper Fitness Center, at 972.233.4832 ext. 6402 for more information on program dates.

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