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What’s in your gym bag?

Packing a gym bag should be part of our everyday routine. If you’re really good, you pack before you go to bed so you won’t forget about it in the morning. The basics include shorts or pants, a top of some sort, socks, undergarments, and shoes. It may not seem very important, but when it comes to motivation, what you pack can mean everything.

What is your motivation color? Colors evoke moods so if you find yourself dreading the gym, try wearing a tank or tee in a bold color. A splash of something fun can bring a smile to your face.

Whatever you choose to wear, feel comfortable and feel great about yourself. Make sure whatever you wear is highly functional. If your clothes don’t fit properly and bother you—for example, if you have to continually tug your shirt down—you will have a hard time focusing on the exercise.

By working out, you are doing something for yourself that no one can do for you. Even your clothes should exude life and energy. Fortunately, the natural light in Cooper Fitness Center allows every individual to look and feel their best!

If you are going to be enjoying the relaxing sauna, steam room, whirlpool, or showers after your workout, remember an extra set of clothes to change into. The Coop Pro Shop has many fashionable wardrobe essentials for each season so if you are lacking something special in that department, stop by and let us help you.

And don’t forget to accessorize. A water bottle, heart rate monitor, headphones or earbuds to plug into the cardio equipment, and any other gear that helps you work out to your fullest.

Fortunately, if you forget anything while you are at Cooper, our Coop staff can help find a suitable replacement. We carry everything but the shoes!

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