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Avoid Common Workout Mistakes

The New Year brings many newcomers to the gym. If this is your first time getting back in an exercise routine after a long break, see Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer Loren Maine’s list of four common exercise mistakes and how to avoid them:

    1. Neglecting your warm up. During the first 10-15 minutes of your workout, spend some time warming up your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, and chest with simple stretches. Properly warming up before exercise improves performance and reduces risk of injury.
    2. Poor form and posture. Not knowing how to properly squat, dead lift, or row can be dangerous to your body, create muscle imbalances, and even cause chronic pain. Correct form during a movement gives you the most benefit while incorrect form makes the movement dangerous and noneffective. Make an appointment with a professional fitness trainer to learn proper positions and form.
    3. Repetitive exercises. Doing this will eventually lead you to a plateau where you’ll fail to see any progress. Add variety to your exercise regime and modify your workouts every few weeks.
    4. Working out too much. You may have good intentions but exercising strenuously everyday puts your body at risk for injuries and over training. After a day of resistance training your muscles need the next day to rebuild and recover. Plan on two to three days of resistance training per week. In between resistance workouts do cardiovascular exercise, pilates, or yoga.

With these four vital pieces of advice, you will be ready to combat your weight-loss or fitness goals the safe and effective way.

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