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Fish Oil – How’s it made?

By Jill Turner, VP of Operations, Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements

We recently received an email asking us about how fish is processed to become fish oil.

Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3 is a blend of sardines and anchovies, both small, cold water fish. The fish are wild caught off the Peruvian coast, as the Humboldt Current makes this part of the world particularly full of marine life.

While sardines aren’t a popular menu item here in the U.S., they are very popular in other parts of the world, so our blend is more heavily weighed towards anchovies as much of the sardine catch ends up being diverted to the global dinner table. The anchovies used are typically about 18 inches long, and they are processed whole. To extract the omega-3 fatty acids, the fish are cooked in order to liquefy the fats. The fish are then placed in gigantic drum which is rotated at high speed. The centrifugal force of the rotating drum separates the oil out from the fish.

The oil then goes through a multi-step purification, concentration and deodorization process that takes about 16 weeks before it is ready to be encapsulated, bottled and sold.

After the oil is removed, the remaining fish solids are then processed to use for fish meal. The fish meal is a food ingredient used in making feed for chickens, pigs, and farmed raised fish. Fish meal is also used as a high quality organic fertilizer for gardens and lawns.

For more information about Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements, visit our website.

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