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Touchdown with Nutrition

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and so are the parties. Use the game plan below to score yourself a touchdown when it comes to nutrition. Keep in mind – it’s not about deprivation, but liberation through moderation!

Follow these Super Bowl party tips:

    • Don’t arrive hungry. Have a small snack ahead of time to curb your appetite (fruit, light nonfat yogurt, or 1/4 cup nuts).
    • Alternate non-caloric with caloric beverages. Calories add up quickly with alcohol and regular soda.
    • For appetizers, go for the vegetable tray or boiled shrimp. Limit the cheese, crackers, chips, and heavy dips.
    • Go stingy on the starches such as potatoes, rice, pasta, and rolls (1/4 of plate).
    • Be modest with meat portions (1/4 of plate).
    • Choose volumes of vegetables (1/2 of plate).
    • Drizzle sauces and dressings instead of pouring.
    • Limit yourself to one small piece of dessert.
    • Fill your plate once instead of grazing all afternoon or evening.
    • Set a time to stop eating. For example, stop after the third quarter.
  • Don’t forget to work in exercise ahead of, or after, the game.

Tips for the host:

    • Avoid making excessive amounts of food.
    • Send everyone home with a “doggy bag” so you have no leftovers.
  • Offer healthy options.

Armed with this advice, you should have no problems keeping a healthy routine during the party. Once the game begins, follow the next four quarters for our game plan to keep a nutritious regimen.

First Quarter
Aim to only consume beverages. Choose iced tea or flavored iced tea, diet sodas, Crystal Light drinks, or water. If you decide to drink alcoholic beverages, choose wine or a light beer. Don’t forget, it’s always acceptable to bring your own drink to the party. It can be your addition to the food and beverage buffet.

Second Quarter
Keep on target with the appetizers. When it comes to choosing your appetizer, pick the vegetables over cheese and limit the chips and dip. Bring along a few Laughing Cow Cheese wedges for a snack or some salsa to try with chips. Another great appetizer option is light popcorn. It’s easy to make and everyone enjoys the snack.

Halftime Show
It’s time to enjoy the main event and squeeze in a healthy entrée. If possible, choose grilled, skinless and boneless chicken breasts or purchase a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and remove the skin for the party. Another healthy option is boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce or deli sandwiches. Offer to bring a healthy entree to the party.

Third Quarter
Get busy selecting healthy sides to finish off your entrée. Fruit and vegetables are always a delicious option. Feel free to add a low-fat fruit dip or dressing for some extra flavor. A tossed salad with fresh tomatoes and vegetables is usually loved by everyone. Also try a low-fat version of your favorite coleslaw or potato salad recipe.

Fourth Quarter
Whether or not your team ends up winning the game, you can know you did your best to score high for a healthy meal. It’s always OK to finish a great meal with sweets. As long as it’s in moderation, there’s no need for deprivation! Take a look here for great low-calorie and low-fat recipes from Cooper Clinic nutrition.

By following this game plan, you won’t have to steer off your healthy course just for one party. It’s always possible to enjoy great parties with nutritious foods. For more information on Cooper Clinic nutrition services, please visit cooperaerobics.com or call 972.560.2655. Have a great Super Bowl weekend!

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