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An Inspiring Cooperized Story

We want to wish good luck to Cooper Clinic’s own Monica Warford this weekend at the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon Race. Her weight loss and healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to us all. Read and hear Monica’s story:

At Cooper Aerobics, our mission is to Cooperize the world. But, we know it must start with us first.

Monica Warford has always struggled with her weight. Growing up, she said she was fine with being known as the “bigger” girl. It wasn’t until the year 2008 at her brother’s wedding when she wanted to shed weight and change her lifestyle for the better. Monica, a goal-oriented CPA, prepared herself for the challenge of a lifetime.

“I got tired of always being the ‘big’ girl,” said Monica. “I could find the cutest clothes, but never in a size 24. Something had to change.”

Monica quickly made herself a familiar face at Cooper Fitness Center, just steps from her office in the Cooper Clinic accounting department. She religiously attended spin class twice a week, walked, and strength trained in between.

With all of this work, Monica’s weight-loss was hardly changing. Why? Monica was still eating anything she wanted and maintaining her weight at 235 pounds. The exercise alone was not helping her lose weight.

It was time for the next phase of her lifestyle change. Monica, at the urging of her Aunt Patty, started attending Weight Watchers meetings and began her healthy eating program during the summer of 2008. Not only were they attending the meetings, but they were walking to the meetings and back home. By 2009, Monica had logged more than 800 walking-miles. Healthy eating in combination with exercise, was just what she needed to see significant results.

Between that life-changing summer and now, Monica has lost more than 100 pounds and continues to attend monthly races. She attributes much of her weight-loss success to the endless support from friends, family, and coworkers.

“I would have never been able to achieve those goals and my current ones without the tremendous support from everyone in my life, especially my Cooper Aerobics colleagues,” said Monica.

Hear Monica’s story.

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