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Food Pyramid Out, My Plate In

Last week the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a new nutrition guideline icon, and our Cooper Clinic registered dietitians were featured in a Dallas Morning News article discussing the news. The new nutrition guide icon, titled My Plate, shows recommended portion sizes for different food groups replacing the previous six-tiered pyramid.

Kathy Miller, MS, RD, LD, Co-Director of the Nutrition Department at Cooper Clinic, believes the old pyramid was for many people very vague and confusing and it really was not user-friendly. But with this new icon, what could be more user-friendly and simple than a plate?

For years Cooper Clinic has encouraged patients to control portion sizes using a similar plate diagram. Many clinic patients say it’s been the most helpful tool. Clinic dietitians recommend a 9-10 inch plate for adults and a 6 ½-inch plate for children

In Texas in general we tend to think in bigger portions. People think bigger is better. Here are a few tips from Patty Kirk, RD, LD, co-director of the nutrition department at Cooper Clinic when visiting restaurants:

    • Barbeque: Order chicken without the skin or turkey for protein, a cob of corn for whole grains and green beans or a side salad for the vegetable.
    • Tex-Mex: two corn tortillas for whole grains, along with a quarter of a plate of fajita meat, grilled vegetables and a side salad.

For more information about Cooper Clinic click here or call 972.560.2655.

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