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Mix in Some Fitness Fun

Tired of the same old, same old? You may be one of those people who religiously comes to the Fitness Center, walks or jogs for 30 minutes and does some weights, and then are off and on your way. Or you may take the same class every time you come. For some people routine is key, and doing anything to shake it up may throw off their game.

However, many of us get bored doing the same thing. Our bodies were actually designed to need change. You may be familiar with the plateau principle. Basically, the theory goes that after so many weeks of doing the same type and amount of physical activity, our bodies can adapt to that fitness level and plateau out. Another way of saying this is that when we do something different or harder, it challenges us physically, but if we keep doing the same thing long enough, our body will improve to that point, but then adapt to that level of fitness. This is why when you try a new workout for a while, you feel or even may notice that you look different, but after a while, you feel like you’re not improving beyond that point.

What your body needs is a change; a new challenge to create a response. This can be done through many ways including:

  • Increasing the amount of time you exercise
  • Increasing the intensity (or varying the intensity)
  • Changing the type of activity

One thing you may not have thought of is having some fun. Instead of thinking of your workout as a strategy, or something to check off the list for the day, challenge yourself to have fun. This may mean you try something new. Perhaps it’s a new class or a new piece of equipment. Perhaps you sign up for a 5k with a friend. Maybe you create a contest in your family or with your spouse, or instead of just walking, you race against a buddy.

By thinking of new ways to have fun, you’ll automatically change up your routine and create new challenges for your body. It will also keep your workouts interesting, and perhaps move them from the “check-off the list” category into the “something to look forward to” category. This month, try to sprinkle in some fun and enjoy something new.

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