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Spring Sandal Time

Lucid, Ebb & Flow, Deep, Undercurrent, Ripple Effect, Hidden Reef… Get beach ready for spring break with these new colors from SpaRitual, available now at Cooper Spa. The current collection is brought to us with inspiration from water, an invaluable resource and one we’re ready to dive into with rising temperatures.

Sandal season is just around the corner so get your feet out of the winter blues and into some cute flip flops! Michelle, Sherry, Marcia, Ginger and Sara, our highly skilled technicians, are ready to take on the toughest of calluses. We all have hard, rough patches of skin formed by consistent friction on our feet and hands. Our pedicures include a brief, painless file to slough away the dead skin to reveal the natural beauty of the foot; many would say this is the part where they feel their feet are being tickled. I couldn’t imagine getting into my spring wedges and my toes peeking out without one of Cooper Spa’s pedicures. Plus, add some fun color to top it off! It’s a treat that I enjoy but also keeps my feet looking well groomed.

Stop in to see us or call 972.392.7729 to schedule your appointment. And don’t forget to check out our seasonal special, a Sugar and Spice Pedicure using FarmHouseFresh products. This one will leave your mouth watering; fortunately, we have a delicious Izze beverage just for you to enjoy!

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