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Add Spinach to Your Plate

Today is National Spinach Day, so how are you celebrating? We’d like to spotlight this leafy green and share some of its health benefits, as well as a few delicious recipes to help you add some spinach to your plate.

Spinach is a “great green” that packs in fiber and many other nutrients, including vitamin K and C, calcium, magnesium, folate and potassium. It contains the cancer-fighting phytochemical lutein and other nutrients that protect your eyes.

Enjoy spinach cooked or raw. Raw is the better way to max out on the nutrients but if you cook spinach be sure to use a very small amount of water and cook for a short time. One cup has only seven calories so eat up! Fit it in by making your salad base with spinach; drape it over pizza; add it to scrambled egg whites; mix it into a marinara sauce and microwave it for a delicious dip.

Try some of our favorite spinach recipes:

To view more recipes from Cooper Clinic, visit our website.

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