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Maintaining Momentum

I’m super excited to report today my first substantial progress. Drumroll please… I lost two pounds and one inch in my waist. What did I do? What I was told: keep to my calorie limit, eat lots of fruits and veggies and exercise. And it worked. I’m high-fiving myself as we speak!

My Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Meridan Zerner said it was her best progress report this week. After we danced in our chairs, Meridan asked me a very telling question: Am I a self-saboteur? Oh, you have no idea. And then I sheepishly admitted that when I weighed this week I wanted to celebrate my loss with pancakes and cookies. Um, not exactly what I should be thinking.

My distraction: a good (nonfat) latte and book!

In my health journey I tend to take two steps forward and one step back. To keep the momentum going forward, Meridan gave me a great tip: Distraction. Yep, distract myself at the time of day when I would normally want to face-plant in pile of doughnuts. My self-sabotage typically happens at night. So instead of being at home around food or going out to eat where temptation lurks, I should do something completely different. For example, Meridan suggested I go to a local bookstore, order a nonfat latte and read. Just do something to break the cycle.

Some other things we’re going to do to help me stay on track is she’s going to call me on Wednesday to check in rather than wait a full week. A mid-week chat will help keep me motivated. She’s also going to review my food log to see if any modifications need to take place.

Another huge and freeing reminder she shared: “be healthfully selfish.” Isn’t it amazing how you finally get some traction and make some progress and then all of these people come out of the woodwork offering you warm apple pies? She encouraged me that if family or friends who unintentionally may put delicious roadblocks in my path it’s OK to “be healthfully selfish.” I’m writing this twice to let it sink in.

And a note about exercise because that was an important addition this past week. I could only go about 25 minutes on the elliptical and took a few exercise classes. But as I’m starting to exercise I know my body will respond and I’ll be able to lift more, go longer and feel better overall.

Now I just need to keep it up. I hope you’re maintaining your postitive momentum, too!

This was written by Amy George former VP of Marketing and Communications at Cooper Aerobics. Amy is no longer with Cooper Aerobics and we wish her all the best with her future endeavors.

  1. Richard Buse
    June 3, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    Congratulations, and thank you for sharing! We’re all getting to learn from your journey.

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