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I Do! 2012 Wedding Trends

It’s wedding season! Over the years wedding trends come and go. We wanted to get in on the latest wedding styles from Cooper Hotel Conference Center & Spa Events Manager, Savannah Reppart.

Non-Traditional Bouquet: Savannah’s first trend she’s seeing this season is something other than traditional flowers. Many brides are making their bouquet out of vintage brooches. Not only is this creative, but they last a lifetime.

Pretty in Pink: Pink and pastels have made a huge come back this season. Other colors Savannah notices more of are off-white, cream and champagne. She does note that fall wedding colors might change.

Bridal Fashion: Now on to one of the best parts of any wedding, the bride’s dress! Lace and Victorian styles seem to be what’s happening this year. We can likely accredit this to last spring’s Royal Wedding.

Table Décor: Centerpieces are becoming more eccentric and vintage, with no two looking alike. The trend seems to be different heights of flowers, incorporated with vases, photos, frames and candles. Savannah loves this idea, especially for outdoor ceremonies.

Treats: Savannah has most definitely seen it all, but the most popular right now? Tiered cupcake displays. Now that’s what we call a good wedding cake. Cooper’s own Christine Witzsche had an ice cream bar from her favorite local ice cream shop at her wedding. Both options are easy for the guests and allow many different flavors.

Non-Traditional Food: Candy bars, dessert tables, action stations, build-your-own, sushi…basically if it’s bite-size and fun, it’s a great reception choice. Brides are getting creative in this arena. Shot glasses are now being

A beautiful outdoor setting at Cooper Hotel. Photo taken by Don Mamone.

used for “shrimp shooters,” “soup shots” and “mini mousses.”

One with Nature: Outdoor ceremonies and receptions this summer have become increasingly popular. This let’s the bride become more creative with a larger area and allows for more or less formality. In fact, Cooper Hotel Conference Center & Spa’s unique and luscious landscape is perfect for the ceremony, reception and photos! Check out these gorgeous photos from weddings on our campus. Being in Texas, the weather allows for outdoor wedding to go through October.

For more information about hosting your big day at Cooper Hotel Conference Center & Spa, click here or call 972.490.9167.

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