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Health Starts Here

Have you ever started your health journey for all the right reasons then got so focused on the number on the scale that it all fell apart? That’s what has happened to me recently. When I started blogging about my health journey it was for health, but along the way it became about weight. And about how I wanted to look in my swimsuit for my Hawaii vacation. And that I still couldn’t fit into my thinner clothes. And the number on the scale wasn’t decreasing as fast as I wanted. At some point I lost sight of what really mattered to me in the first place… to feel better. Knowing that if I was patient during the process, in time I’d also look better.

A note and snack left by Meridan to remind me to stay focused on my health goal.

As a result of getting so focused on the exterior and less interested on the interior, I wasn’t succeeding at either. So it was time for an attitude adjustment. I talked to my ever faithful Cooper Clinic Registered Dietitian Meridan Zerner. It was a relief to share this information with someone who wouldn’t judge or preach, rather support and inspire. Now I’m back in full force with my sights on improving my cardio fitness, increasing my energy, getting better sleep and feeling less pain in my geriatric knees. Sporting my new knee brace, I’ve been taking Zumba and Jam Zone classes at Cooper Fitness Center, riding the stationary bike set to interval training and walked three miles with a colleague yesterday. I do think the nicer weather in Dallas has helped my new-found motivation!

This is a photo of a note Meridan left me the other week. It says, “Health starts here,” with a smiley face, sitting underneath an apple. While the apple was devoured immediately, I still have the message posted in my office. It helps remind me to not just incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet, but also the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. As I eat my banana and plan my weight routine for after work, I realize I’m eating and exercising for health, not weight. And it feels great!

This was written by Amy George former VP of Marketing and Communications at Cooper Aerobics. Amy is no longer with Cooper Aerobics and we wish her all the best with her future endeavors.

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