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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Children

By Meredith Rosson, Youth Programs Director, Cooper Fitness Center Dallas

The big day is finally here – it’s time to go trick-or-treating for Halloween. You have picked out the perfect costumes and have your favorite candy ready to hand out.

Before your family heads out the door, remember  to put safety first with these tips:

  • Go out trick-or-treating with a trusted adult. Walk up to every door with the children. Make sure to have a small ratio (adult:child). Plan a route ahead of time so you have a set plan, and have a spot to meet in the neighborhood in case you get separated. For older kids, set a reasonable curfew.
  • Use reflections or glowsticks.
  • Make sure masks/costumes are flame retardant.
  • Stay on well lit streets.
  • Make a game of organizing the candy by type. This allows you to look at the candy while the kids have fun.
  • Try your make up for 30 minutes first on your arm a few days prior to see if you will have any allergic reaction.
  • Make sure masks fit properly and can be seen out of.
  • Instead of carving a pumpkin, decorate it with paint.
  • Don’t consume food items that are homemade or wrapped individually (not commercially wrapped)

Have a safe, healthy Halloween!

  1. November 8, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Its easy to get caught up in all of the dressing up and excitement with the children and the face paint, fake blood and wigs… but as a parent its important to make sure everything is safe as well as fun! great tips here that every parent should follow…

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