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Cooper Fitness Center Member Award Winners

At Cooper Fitness Center Dallas it’s Member Awards season! It’s time to honor our members who strive to live according to the mission of personal wellness. We are thrilled to announce this year’s winners. All of our winners were nominated by fellow Cooper Fitness Center members as well as Cooper teammates. These individuals not only lead a lifestyle of personal wellness incorporating fitness and proper nutrition into their daily habits, but they serve as a role model to others and are active in their community. Congratulations!

Female of the Year: Stephanie Harmon
Stephanie Harmon was recognized for her dedication to health and fitness. Her Professional Fitness Trainer Chris Parker says “she doesn’t trudge through each workout; she takes on the challenges and attacks them.  She strives to break through all barriers to her fitness goals that she faces on a daily basis.” Outside of Cooper Fitness Center, Stephanie has even helped influence her family’s health.

Male of the Year: Scott Malcolm
Since 2007, Scott has lost more than 100 pounds. According to his Professional Fitness Trainer Mary Edwards, “Scott lives by what it means to be Cooperized.” He exercises consistently and manages his nutrition. When asked how he lost his weight, he claims exercise and proper nutrition are the only way to do so and keep off the weight.

Youth of the Year: Haley Janese
As a varsity cheerleader at W.T. White High School, Haley uses fitness as a motivator. She is the conditioning captain of her cheer team and frequently runs in 10k races around DFW. You can find her at Cooper Fitness Center around 5 a.m. every day before school. She even keeps her morning workout routine during the weekends!

Most Improved: Alan Collins
Alan enjoys the journey of fitness, not just the destination, and it shows. He finds balance between his family, job and his love for strength training and cycling. He has completed several grueling bike races including The Hotter Than Hell race. Other Cooper Fitness Center members and teammates have been inspired to see Alan’s progress and improvement.

Classic of the Year: Sheldon Fleishman
Sheldon is faithful at attending Cooper Fitness Center for his exercise program. More than 15 years ago Sheldon started the “Good Guys Club,” a lunch group that meets once a month. He is always inviting others to join and some months has had more than 40 people attend. His friendly and warm personality is known among many Fitness Center members, who see him as a great example of maturing without growing old.

Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Phil and Diane Prier
When you think of Phil and Diane, the word dedication might come to mind. You can often see them at early morning cycle class, core class, training on the elliptical or strength training on the weight room floor. They also participate in bike races throughout Texas. Known for their outgoing personality, they continuously share happiness with other members and Cooper teammates.

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