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March Forth – Happy Birthday to Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Wishing a happy birthday to Dr. Kenneth Cooper!

Wishing a happy 82nd birthday to Dr. Kenneth Cooper!

Today marks a very special day at Cooper Aerobics. Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper is celebrating his 82nd birthday!

It’s no coincidence that Dr. Cooper’s birthday is on March 4. Over the past 45 years, Dr. Cooper has inspired thousands of people across the world to truly “march forth” in their health journey by igniting the fitness revolution with his best-selling book, Aerobics.

Dr. Cooper sets an example for maintaining a healthy, Cooperized lifestyle. Today you’ll find Dr. Cooper working and seeing patients at Cooper Clinic, exercising most days of the week at Cooper Fitness Center, traveling the world and spending time with his family.

When he’s lecturing around the world, Dr. Cooper often says, “It is fascinating to know one can grow healthier as they grow older, but not necessarily the reverse.”

We’re looking forward to celebrating another great year and joining Dr. Cooper in his exciting endeavor to Cooperize the world.

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  1. March 4, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Dearest Dr. Kenneth Cooper,
    You are creating a legacy that will make the world a healthier place for generations to come. God bless you in your efforts.
    Patti Knott

  2. Ron McLeod
    March 5, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Dear Dr. Ken Cooper
    In 1970 bought your first book and strive to do not 35 points but 100.0 a week. Since then I took my pilot medical at your clinic with Dr. King. I scored 27 minutes 30 seconds on the Balk protocol. In the recent years I have scored 16 minutes on the Bruce protocol. For the last three years I have run up the exSears tower in Chicago for RIC hospital. I have always followed your work and I am living proof that you are correct. I am now 72 and I am in Dallas after living in Brasil for 30 years. There we always say” I am going to do my “cooper.” I would love to see you for lunch- if this is possible for you please call me at 4693949301. Your friend,
    Ron McLeod

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