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Fitness Trade Show Is Rockin’


Precor Booth at IHRSA 2013

I’ve never been in the middle of a full-on fitness frenzy… until yesterday. Day two of the IHRSA 2013 Convention opened its adrenaline-pumped trade show. It took “enthusiast” to a whole new level and showed me what it really means to live, eat and breathe fitness—for yourself and others.

I walked into what is essentially Disney World for fitness professionals. Imagine a football field packed with every fitness brand and product imaginable. I’ve never seen so many pieces of exercise equipment in one location—large and small, cardio and strength, traditional and imaginative. Things that move up and down, side to side, in a circle, vibrate, push you, pull you or have you going in multiple directions at once. It makes the head spin, literally.

Add to that the plethora of gadgets: bands, balls, tubes, bars, bells, squishy things, flexible things, round things, square things, oddly-shaped things. If you can hold, sit or stand on it, while burning calories, it was there.

And that’s the tip of a very fit iceberg. Top off the experience with the bright lights, thumping music and energetic voices of dozens of fitness instructors leading group classes. In one area, a Zumba class, in another area a Precor AMT workout, a group cycling, people boxing, people swinging from ropes. I fully expected a Tarzan call at any moment. In some cases, attendees multi-tasked… using the opportunity to simply jump on the latest and greatest piece of equipment and work out while at the trade show. Not to mention all of the demonstrations provided to club owners, managers, personal trainers and the like. And it will happen all over again Thursday.

While on one hand it was sensory overload for this first-timer, on the other it opened my eyes to a group of passionate people who love health and fitness and love to share it with everyone they can. I was honored to be among the group, and well, exhausted, too.

This was written by Amy George former VP of Marketing and Communications at Cooper Aerobics. Amy is no longer with Cooper Aerobics and we wish her all the best with her future endeavors.

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