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The Names Behind The Numbers

The Dallas Heart Walk is a part of Cooper history. Our founder, Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper started the local walk over 20 years ago and each year teammates do their part to walk and raise money for this worthy cause. We’re always looking for people to join us so if you’re in the area we’d love for you to walk with us. And if you need some added motivation this video from Cooper Aerobics CEO Dr. Tyler Cooper is sure to get you moving.

One other reason that gets all of us moving is realizing there are names behind the statistics of heart disease. As Dr. Tyler Cooper mentioned heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and stroke comes in at number 4. And each year over 800,000 people die from these diseases. But behind each stat is  someone’s mom, dad, sister or friend.

Michael Sula

Michael Sula, one of our Heart Walk Team Captains is proud to walk for his grandfather.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet with our Dallas American Heart Association representative, Ashley Lindsay, and visit teammates around our campus who are participating in the upcoming Dallas Heart Walk. We took photos of teammates we visited with a sign that read: “I’m walking for….” It was an opportunity to motivate everyone to meet their fundraising goal and remind them of the reason they walk.

Some said, they were walking for “my grandparents, my health, my city.” One said he was walking for his “dad, mother, brother—all victims of the disease.” And others gave specific names—like “Bill” and “Ryan.” This simple act of attaching a name to the disease gives us one more reason to do our best to reduce the number of names behind the statistics. It’s the reason we walk and raise funds.

Linda Mays and JessicaCandy

Jessica Candy and Linda Mays support the Dallas Heart Walk as Cooper Aerobics Team Captains.

Help us meet our fundraising goal here. Every dollar counts!

Who will you walk for? We encourage you to join us. As we mentioned If you live in the Dallas area join our team and register for the Dallas Heart Walk. If you’re not in our area you can find your local walk here.

We’ll see you on Sept. 7 at the Dallas Heart Walk. Make it a heart healthy day!

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