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Congratulations to Our Members!

At the end of each year we honor our Cooper Fitness Center Dallas members who strive to live according to the mission of personal wellness. We are thrilled to announce this year’s winners. All of our winners were nominated by fellow Cooper Fitness Center members as well as Cooper teammates. These individuals not only lead a lifestyle of personal wellness incorporating fitness and proper nutrition into their daily habits, but they serve as a role model to others and are active in their community. All winners will be honored with Dr. Cooper later this month—congratulations!

Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Keith and Cindy Howe
Keith and Cindy joined Cooper Fitness Center shortly after Cindy participated in the Cooper Wellness lifestyle program in June 2008. She began training with Director of Fitness and Professional Fitness Trainer Mary Edwards and Keith started training with Professional Fitness Trainer Laura Alton one or two sessions a week. Cindy and Keith truly live a Cooperized lifestyle! Aside from their inspiring exercise regime, they both receive an annual preventive exam at Cooper Clinic and visit Cooper Spa to relax and manage their stress. Cindy volunteers at a local assisted living community and has even hosted one of their monthly birthday celebrations! At work, Keith was instrumental, as former CFO, to bringing his company to a healthy state. While staying busy with work and travel, they also consciously manage their nutritioncooking at home, ordering smart when eating out or grabbing lunch at Cedars Woodfire Grill at Cooper Aerobics after a workout. “They let all of this bleed over into their lifestyle outside of Cooper as they encourage activity and good nutrition when spending time with friends and family,” Mary said.

Female of the Year: Laura Pritchard
As a competitive marathoner, Laura “ran” into many injuries along her health journey. After breaking her hip, tearing a calf muscle and conquering piriformis syndrome, Laura sought out professional training from Professional Fitness Trainer Josh Cuellas. As she continued to grow her strength and was able to run again, her goals changed. She decided she wanted to be a triathlete. “I knew by now she was all in and there was nothing that was going to stop her,” Josh said. Laura trained harder than ever, running, biking and overcoming her fear of the water. She sure did—during her triathlon she swam 2.25 miles in Lake Jocassee, S.C. in 1 hour and 45 minutes! In September, Laura finished the Augusta Half Ironman in 6 hours and 37 minutes. Josh said, “Laura amazes me with her will power to work through pain and not let anything come between her and her goals.”

Male of the Year: Chris Kouba
About six years ago, Chris decided to Cooperize his life and he has never looked back! His wife, Hillary, said, “In all aspects of Chris’ life he is constantly trying to find ways to point people in this (Cooper) direction.” As the campus pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church’s Dallas Campus, Chris is a role model in many ways. He has recruited many workout buddies to join Cooper Fitness Center and has formed great relationships with other members.

Most Improved of the Year: Scott Franklin
In 2012, Scott and a fellow member, Ray Garfield, began a contest together to help jump start their weight loss journey. Over the course of their competition, they gained attention from members who frequently asked about their progress. Today, Scott is happy to tell them he’s lost more than 35 pounds. When people ask about his weight loss he attributes a large part to a comment Dr. Cooper made to him, “You can’t outwork a bad diet.” Scott ushers at church, serves on a board for Deserving Students Scholarships and mentors at The University of Texas at Dallas. Diana Cooper, Cooper Fitness Center teammate, said one of the first things he tells students is ‘being a business executive is stressful. That is why working out is importantto help balance and relieve the stress.

Youth of the Year: Mona Mohamed
In September, 12-year-old Mona moved with her family to Dallas temporarily from Canada and has truly embraced the opportunity to learn and practice a lifestyle of health and wellness at Cooper Fitness Center. Quinn Ray, Programs Director at Cooper Fitness Center, said, “the amount of exercise she has committed to at this young age shows her level of maturity and dedication.” With private swimming and tennis lessons, Mona still finds time to participate in the IGNITE! program. Mona is a great example for her brother as well as all of the youth at Cooper!

Classic of the Year: Betty Swenson

Well into her eighth decade, Betty consistently utilizes the fitness workout pyramid of strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility. “In addition to Betty’s fitness commitment she also volunteers at a local hospital on a regular basis,” Jill Samaniego, Group Exercise Instructor at Cooper Fitness Center said. “She inspires all around her with her positive attitude and beautiful spirit.” Betty takes Body Blast, Body Sculpt, Classic Pilates, Classic Body Sculpt classes and probably others! She is friendly and encourages new members to join her and try various classes. “Betty inspires me to keep on keeping on,” Jill said.

To learn more about a membership at Cooper Fitness Center Dallas click here or call 972-233-4832.

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