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Kitchen Gadget Gifts

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your health-minded friend or family member? There are a few kitchen essentials that are simple to use and encourage healthier eating.

1)      Oil misters. These are designed for the health-conscious cook in mind. They offer an easy way to add flavor, use less oil and reduce calories and fat. Simply fill the non-aerosol can with your favorite oil and spray on pasta, salads and veggies. Perfect for grilling, sautéing, roasting and non-stick cooking.

2)      Handheld food chopper. This is a very “handy” gadget that can uniformly chop veggies, nuts and cooked meats in seconds. Use it to sneak more vegetables into your favorite dishes. Gets the job done more safely than chopping with a knife.

3)      Kitchen steamer. Take advantage of steaming as a simple and quick way to cook vegetables without added oil. Cover veggies in a small amount of water and cook for a few minutes. Less time cooking helps retain more nutrients than other methods such as boiling.

4)      Apple corer/slicer. Use this kitchen tool to core and evenly slice fruit without fussing with knives.  You can also practice mindful eating by choosing a crunchy fresh fruit snack and taking smaller bites, one slice at a time. Works great for pears too.

5)      Herb saver. Keep your fresh herbs fresher longer. Place herbs slightly submerged in a water well to keep them fresh for up to several weeks. Herbs are a great low calorie and low sodium way to add zest to your food.

6)      Decorative measuring cups. These attractive cups can sit out on your countertop as part of the décor. In clear view, you can practice healthier size portions to measure cereal, pasta, rice, sweet treats and so much more. You might find a variety of novelty measuring cups such as owls, beehives and Russian dolls.

7)      Mix and measure glass measuring cup. This is another great measuring tool all in one single glass. Use it to measure tablespoons, teaspoons, cups and ounces. Some also measure milliliters and grams (for sugar or flour). You don’t have to hassle with a different measuring device for each ingredient because they are all in one handy cup.

8)      Avocado savers. Avocados are a delicious food rich in healthy unsaturated fats, but a medium size one contains a sizable 320 calories and 30 grams of fat. You can still enjoy this health food but in the right size portion using an avocado saver. Use this tool to cut your avocado in half and the save the other half for later. It helps reduce exposure to air and preserves it to stay fresher longer.

9)      Tea mug with infuser. These attractive tea cups feature a built in infuser/strainer so you can make your favorite flavor loose tea in a single cup. Perfect for the cold winter months.

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