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We started a video blog series with Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer and Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) Specialist Robert Treece a couple of weeks ago. In the first video we assessed a teammate at Cooper, David, to see how MAT could help him with his knee, see the first post here.  The following week we checked back in with David to see how the tightness in his knee was feeling after his first MAT session–you can see his progress in a video here. This week during David’s third MAT session, Robert demonstrated exercises on the gym floor for David to do to supplement his MAT sessions.

These video demonstrations were created to display the process of MAT at Cooper Fitness Center, Dallas. Each MAT Specialist assesses every client on a case-by-case basis. With David, Robert decided to work on his hips to help realign his knee, but there might be a different path for you.

For more information visit our website and sign up for a session by contacting Mary Edwards at 972.233.4832 or medwards@cooperfitnesscenter.com.

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