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Wintery Family Fun

Even with cooler temperatures outside, you can still enjoy family activities outside and exercise. Read a few fun recommendations from Cooper Fitness Center for family outings that are sure to get the whole family moving.

The holidays may be over, but family activities should not end. Even with the temperature dropping, there are still ways to get exercise both outside and inside. Here are some ideas to keep your family active over the next few months.

Ice Skating
Even if you’re not that great at ice skating, you are sure to burn calories laughing at each other while taking some spills. As a seasonal activity, it’s fun, different, and sure to provide some good memories.

Winter Vacation
If you are planning a winter vacation, look into locations that offer activities that keep your family moving. If you head to the mountains, hit the slopes on skis, a snowboard, sled, or in snow shoes. Or if you choose to vacation at the beach, running or walking on the beach and playing a game of sand volleyball are great activities. Even if you are planning on staying at home, make time to go outside and be active.

Friendly Competition
Sign up the family for a fun run or walk. There is something exciting about joining hundreds of families that are running for the same cause. Use it as a time to explain to your kids the foundation or charity they are running for and how they are helping give back during the holidays.

Pick a Park
Just going on a simple walk around the neighborhood is a great way to stay active and get some quality time with your family. But if you’ve toured the neighborhood one too many times this week, how about mixing things up by picking a different public park or neighborhood to walk? Bring the family to a new part of town to explore parks.

Stick to your Resolutions
How about adding to your individual resolutions and make one as a family? Make a pact to work on it weekly. Whether it’s fitness-related or simply spending more time together, family goals are always fun to accomplish. Sometimes our children can hold us accountable better than ourselves too!

Take a plunge
Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be a polar plunge just because it’s chilly outside. You can still get out to a heated pool with your family. Try swimming laps and playing games.

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