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The Top 9 Benefits of Camp at Cooper This Summer

By: Meredith Rosson and Brandon Moats, Cooper Camp Administrative Team

Summer camp is recognized by child development professionals as a respected experience to help youth improve socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally and physically so they can accomplish the ultimate goal of becoming an independent, responsible, confident and competent adult in the future.

Take a look at the top reasons to send your child to Cooper Fit & Fun Day Camps and Sport Camps this summer:

1. Grow your child’s confidence and level of competence: Confidence comes from what you can control and competence stems from experiences and challenges. Your child could play on a recreational soccer team and be the best player on the field, which will help him or her build confidence but not necessarily provide the opportunity to improve beyond natural talent. If you move him or her to a club soccer team to have the experience of playing against others who are at a slightly higher level than themselves, then he or she will grow into a more competent player. At camp, children will find an environment that allows them to be the best in certain activities, which builds their        confidence, but also play games or sports where they learn from coaches or other high level players to build their competence and improve.

2. Build Autonomy: Cooper Camp is an excellent way to encourage autonomy and good decision making skills in youth. Camp allows for the opportunity to “teach a camper to fish” rather than “catch a fish for them.”

3. Develop Their Own Positive Community: Cooper Camps provide an environment to try sports and build relationships without the pressure and demands of structured sports.

4. Breed Respect: Cooper Camp Counselors help participants learn to have respect through trying different levels of leadership roles and learning about each other’s differences, obligations to one another and physical and emotional needs of each other. Learning to respect yourself and others is vital to success at all ages.

5. Raise Resilient Campers: Resilience is the ability to recover from adversity. Situations can occur at camp that are not necessarily the most pleasant of circumstances, especially as kids are learning who they are, who they want to be and how to master various skills. However, there are benefits to be found in these challenges. They can motivate one to be better, try harder, learn strengths and weaknesses, build tolerance, improve communication and provide opportunities to learn and practice a new moral characteristic.

6. Collaborative Campers: Working together precedes winning together. Collaboration is the key word when it comes to meeting challenges as a team. Cooperation is merely working together agreeably, but collaborating means working together more aggressively. We encourage every camper to bring something to the table and not simply put in his or her minimum required work.

7. Mission-Conscious Games: Cooper’s camp games teach campers to look at the big picture and to make sure it resonates loud and clear. The camp games help campers work on perception, attitude, focus and results. The team games help campers understand intentionality by working with a strong sense of purpose and having a clear reason as to why they are doing the task at hand. Throughout the week, our mission-conscious games provide all campers with the opportunity to lead and contribute their best as a team member.

8. Meet Friends and Create Memories: Cooper Fit & Fun camps offer campers planned and supervised activities, but also allow them to freely take in the campus with friends so they can create special memories and friendships.

9. Our campus: The Cooper Aerobics campus is intellectually stimulating and enhances the learning process and development of cognitive skills. The trees, water and animal life provide an environment that promotes full body heath.

Cooper Fit & Fun Day Camps and Sport Camps are here to help your children improve not just athletically, but also provide them the building blocks needed to succeed in a new community and find a sense of belonging, cooperation, contribution, resilience, and care toward others. To learn more and to register your child for Cooper Fit & Fun Day Camps and Sport Camps, please visit cooperyouth.com/Dallas.

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  1. M.J. Gitter
    May 6, 2015 at 11:31 am

    GREAT article! Meredith, you’re making such a valuable difference in childrens’ lives that even influences their other family members and friends. Kudos!

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