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Keeping Texas Youth Fit and Healthy

By Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH FG blog post

The number one health concern among U.S. parents is childhood obesity. Being overweight can negatively impact a child’s self-esteem, behavior, friendships and even academic achievement. With one in nine American children residing in Texas, we have a “Texas-sized” problem on our hands.

Since students spend most of their time in class, schools must be part of the solution. Quality physical education that includes health-related fitness assessment helps children learn to take care of their bodies for a lifetime.

Texas’ fitness assessment, FitnessGram, was developed by The Cooper Institute and promotes lifelong fitness among students. It is meant to be non-judgmental and provides a safe, secure environment where children can better understand how their fitness impacts their future health.

Since FitnessGram has been in Texas schools, The Cooper Institute’s research continues to show that students with healthier fitness levels have stronger academics and school attendance.

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We need your help…

Right now, House Bill 2804 is being considered in the Texas Senate. If passed as amended by the Texas House, this bill would remove the requirement that Texas schools measure student fitness and would eliminate FitnessGram from all quality physical education programs.

Please contact your State Senator and tell them you want to keep our children physically active and fit. Please remove the harmful amendment which would remove physical fitness assessments.


  1. Click here and enter your address.
  2. Scroll down to “Texas State Senator.”
  3. Click on your Senator’s name (this takes you to his or her web page).
  4. Scroll down and complete the email form. You may write your own email or copy/paste the following:

Make child health a priority in Texas. Don’t let House Bill 2804 repeal FitnessGram. Remove the harmful amendment or vote “NO” on the bill. Fit and healthy kids = a healthy future for Texas.

Thank you for supporting a healthy future generation in Texas.

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