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2015 Cooper Fitness Center Member Awards

Each year, Cooper Fitness Center recognizes members who exemplify the Get Cooperized model and represent Cooper Fitness Center in the best ways possible. This year, we had an incredible pool of nominees as Cooper ambassadors, which made it challenging to select just a few. Congratulations to all of the recipients!

Male of the Year: Don WinspearDon Winspear CFC

Don Winspear is a brave and tenacious role model. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder known as TM (transverse myelitis) in December 2012, Don quickly lost sensation of both his legs and became paralyzed. With his doctor, Dr. Benjamin Greenberg, Don has become an advocate for The CONQUER Project, a collaborative effort working to solve issues for autoimmune patients. He has also worked with his Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer, Louie Herrera, to incorporate recuperation methods for daily function. “Don works out with me on a very consistent basis, and during our training sessions we discuss ways to improve his nutrition and recuperation methods for daily function,” says Louie.

Others within Cooper Fitness Center take note of his determination and dedication as well. “It is truly inspirational to see Don turn a potential adversity into opportunity,” says Lisa Hanley, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer. “It is a pleasure to work alongside of him.” Don embodies living a Cooperized life as he doesn’t let any obstacles stand in his way. Nominated by many trainers and Cooper Fitness Center members, he is the ideal Cooper Fitness Center Male of the Year.

Female of the Year: Cindy Haas Cindy Haas CFC

Cindy Haas leads her life by example, demonstrating healthy eating habits and a very active lifestyle. She engages with all Cooper Fitness Center members and is especially encouraging and welcoming to new members. Cindy can be found six days a week at Cooper Fitness Center, participating in core classes along with her daily workout and always inviting new members to join her. She is happy, fun and always joking around. You’ll probably catch her around the holidays dressed to impress with a holiday outfit or accessory! She is encouraging and genuinely represents the Cooper Fitness Center Female of the Year.

Youth of the Year: Amanda Esker Amanda Esker CFC

Amanda Esker is a proponent of living a Cooperized life, even at the young age of 12! Amanda has participated in the IGNITE! program since 2011, only missing one session in four years. Her twice-a-week training routine enhances her softball and volleyball performance. According to Shannon Edwards, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer and director of IGNITE!, Amanda always pushes and challenges herself, and is fiercely committed to her training. She encourages her classmates and is always the first to welcome a new participant. Amanda has conquered all 13 levels of IGNITE!, making her an accomplished and inspiring young athlete.

Most Improved of the Year: Josh Feferman Josh Feferman CFC

Josh Feferman is a walking example of how discipline and commitment to a healthy lifestyle pay off. In the past two years, we’ve seen Josh stick with exercise through many life challenges. He has transformed – grown stronger, made his heart healthier and is now able to recover during physical activity much faster than before. His diet is night and day from what he used to eat, resulting in a loss of more than 20 pounds! Josh embodies determination to live a healthy life and is an ideal choice for Most Improved of the Year.

Classic of the Year: Sudsy Adams Sudsy Adams CFC

Sudsy Adams embraces many roles within Cooper Fitness Center’s Classics program for mature members. She leads by example through her daily workouts, including Classics Pilates and water aerobics. She can also often be found walking the track or swimming during the summer months. According to Jill Samaniego, a Cooper Fitness Center Group Exercise Instructor, Sudsy “is the glue that keeps our early morning seniors together.” Sudsy knows everyone’s birthday and organizes cards and cakes for each one. If a participant is sick, she facilitates the signing of cards and delivering of goodies for “cheering up” purposes. She is also the first one to invite a new member or class participant to join the Classics’ morning coffee group, and even helps them set up their equipment on their first few class days.

Her fellow members say Sudsy is a loving wife, mother and grandmother, and has a heart for service. She volunteers at Medical City Hospital and is active in Highland Park United Methodist Church. “She is an amazing woman and an excellent example of good health, kind spirit and a sound mind that constantly helps others,” says Jill.

Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Chuck Day & Susan Randall Mr & Mrs Aerobics CFC

Chuck Day and Susan Randall are committed to a healthy, Cooperized lifestyle–they are accountability partners, and they encourage each other in both fitness and everyday life. The two exercise at Cooper Fitness Center every morning and participate in a well-rounded routine, which flawlessly fits in to their everyday life. The couple that trains together stays together, and Chuck and Susan constantly mix up their workouts and challenge their bodies to get stronger.

Outside of Cooper, Chuck and Susan have created a health and wellness incentive program for their 20 employees, based on programs used at Cooper Fitness Center. Their goal is to have 50 percent participation and to serve as healthy role models to their employees. Susan is also dedicated to helping her 92-year-old father live an active lifestyle – they go on walks together to keep him moving. She and Chuck both have hearts for helping other people live the best and healthiest lives possible.

Activ8 Champion: Vicki Nichols vicki nichols CFC

New this year, a member was recognized for her stellar participation in Cooper Fitness Center’s new wellness program, Activ8. Vicki Nichols has embraced Activ8 since its launch in January 2015, using the skills and knowledge she’s gained through the program to continually enhance her workouts, eating habits and everyday lifestyle. She participates in the Activ8 activities and always asks questions to continue the learning process. She is connected with many other members and always makes a point to continue learning, developing and challenging herself on her fitness journey. Because of her deep enthusiasm and desire to learn and improve, Vicki proved herself to be the Activ8 Champion of 2015.

We are extremely proud of the hard work our members put in to living healthy and active lifestyles, and this year’s award recipients fully embody what it means to Get Cooperized. See the video and photos from the ceremony on the Cooper Fitness Center Facebook page. For more information about Cooper Fitness Center membership, visit cooperfitnesscenter.com/members.

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