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Celebrating Cooper Clinic’s Incredible Laboratory Team

April 23-29 was Medical Laboratory Professionals Week and here at Cooper Clinic, we showcased the incredible work that goes on behind-the-scenes, as well as our super-hero medical laboratory staff.

An open house was held inside the Cooper Clinic Laboratory on Thursday, April 27. Patients, teammates and outside guests toured seven stations inside the lab. At each stop, medical laboratory scientists were on hand to explain the instrumentation and processes, such as phlebotomy, chemistry, hematology and urinalysis.

“We wanted to demonstrate the importance of the lab, as 70 percent of all diagnoses are made from lab testing,” said Peggy Blalock, Cooper Clinic Laboratory Manager. “Medical Laboratory Professionals Week was the perfect time to invite people into the lab to see all that we do.”

What sets the Cooper Clinic lab apart from others?

“While we have high-powered, state-of-the-art equipment unlike other labs of our size, what really sets us apart is our high-quality, same-day results and our experienced staff,” says Blalock.

The Cooper Clinic Laboratory processes nearly 300,000 tests a year and provides same-day test results. Because the lab handles samples for only 35-40 patients a day, the lab professionals are able to ensure the results are of the highest quality.

Cooper Clinic’s lab professionals are the heroes behind-the-scenesLabWeek_6636. The open house theme was inspired by Disney’s animated movie, “The Incredibles,”─highlighting all of the incredible work done in the lab. Only 4 percent of all labs in the U.S. receive the Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation, Laboratory Excellence Award. Cooper Clinic has received this award for six years.

“Our highly qualified medical laboratory scientists are committed to quality,” says Blalock. “They take ownership and responsibility for every detail in the lab. We manage phone calls and vaccines, monitor temperature, run quality control material, perform maintenance on instruments, test specimens, conduct inter-laboratory proficiency testing and to ensure quality results are produced. All of these things they do, because they are committed to Cooper Clinic.”

Watch this entertaining video of our incredible laboratory team and discover what goes on behind-the-scenes in the Cooper Clinic lab.

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