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Swimming At The Age Of 90

Cooper Fitness Center member Charles Phipps never thought he’d pick up swimming. Now, at the age of 90, he can’t imagine life without it.

Charles ruptured a tendon in his right leg several years ago. The injury healed, but the built-up scar tissue often left Charles with a stiff leg. After walking and exercising on the equipment at Cooper Fitness Center, he decided to head outside and give swimming a try.

“When I first started, it was very hard,” says Charles. “I had never taken swimming lessons and my breathing wasn’t quite right. I’m used to breathing for running and it took a while to learn how to breathe properly for swimming.”


When Charles first started his lessons with Cooper Fitness Center Swim Pro Marni Kerner, he couldn’t swim more than 5 yards. After taking lessons two to three times a week for three years, he now swims about 300 yards every lesson.

“I’m super proud of him,” says Marni. “I see the joy his accomplishments bring him.”

“Marni is great,” says Charles. “I like her style and personality a lot and she lets me stop regularly and catch my breath so I don’t strain my heart.”

Since he began swimming, Charles says he’s noticed a big difference in the way he feels.

“I really feel better after swimming regularly,” says Charles. “I have more energy during the day and my body feels better. Now that I’ve gotten over the hurdles of breathing and kicking, I find it energizing and after I’m through, I sleep well at night.”

Marni says swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises for aging bodies because it’s low impact.

“It has minimal injury risk and less chance of resulting joint pain as compared to other exercises,” says Marni. “Swimming is also a safe way to increase flexibility, maintain muscle mass and improve balance, which reduces the risk of falling. It also diminishes risk of heart disease, reduces stress and can elevate your mood.”

Swimming is also an exercise Charles says has changed his life and it’s all thanks to Cooper Fitness Center.

“If it weren’t for Cooper Fitness Center, I probably never would have picked up swimming at all,” says Charles.

For more information on swim lessons at Cooper Fitness Center, visit cooperswimacademy.com.

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