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2017 Cooper Fitness Center Member Awards

Each year, Cooper Fitness Center recognizes members who exemplify the Get Cooperized model and represent Cooper Fitness Center in the best ways possible. This year, we had an incredible pool of nominees as Cooper ambassadors, which made it challenging to select just a few. Congratulations to all of the recipients!

Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Sam and Maria Beys, Members Since 1998

beysIn sickness and in health, Sam and Maria Beys have made fitness a priority in their life together. The longtime members are regulars at CFC, but it wasn’t until three years ago that they started running together on the outdoor track. After Maria achieved her goal to run the Chicago Marathon in October 2014, Sam was inspired to train for one as well. One year later they completed the Chicago Marathon together.

Both of Greek descent, one of their most rewarding running accomplishments was
completing the Athens Marathon in Greece in November 2016. For Maria, who ran
her first mile ever without stopping quite recently in January 2014; it was her third
marathon in three years. And running it together only months after Sam’s battle
with cancer—discovered in his Cooper Clinic comprehensive preventive exam—
was an emotional experience.

They continue to stay focused on living healthy and logging as many miles on the
track as their feet will take them, inspiring all those around them.

Female of the Year: Diane Feffer, Member Since 2002

Often leading the pack and in full conversation with her running buddies,
fefferDiane Feffer has made morning runs on the outdoor track part of her exercise routine for years. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2016, she attributes her recovery to the physical fitness and mental toughness she’s gained by running. Three days after her first surgery, Diane began walking in her neighborhood. Three weeks later she was back at CFC exercising on the AMT machine until she was cleared to run. She is passionate about sharing her personal health story including the importance of fitness and having an annual mammogram.

Male of the Year: David Chacon, Member Since 2001Chacon

David Chacon is a fixture in Group Exercise, especially indoor cycling and yoga. He’s the first to help newcomers in class get settled in with their equipment, he knows everyone’s name and lends an ear to anyone in need. David is described by his instructors as extremely compassionate, empathetic and humble. He always has a smile on his face and a positive word to share with members and instructors. David is a Cooper ambassador inside and out.

Classic of the Year: Joe Neuhoff, Member Since 2017

classicJoe Neuhoff joined Cooper Fitness Center in February 2017 after battling a severe
illness that nearly took his life. Joe was weak and didn’t function very well yet he was determined to get better. He is now at CFC every day where he has formed many relationships with members and staff. Through his friendly personality and good
will, he is an encouragement to everyone he encounters. Joe is a testament of the ability to gain fitness at any age.


Youth of the Year: Andrew Kline, CFC Client Since 2007

Since attending his first Cooper Fit & Fun summer camp and basketball camp at theyouthage of 5, Andrew Kline’s sports and fitness training at Cooper has helped develop him into a leader on and off the track. At the age of 15, he’s already accumulating running accolades including completing two half marathons, making the varsity cross country and track teams this year as a freshman and finishing as one of top 15 freshmen in Texas at the state championship. In addition to running, Andrew takes tennis and basketball lessons at Cooper and strength trains with Chris Parker.

Most Improved: David Chivvis, Member Since 2017

chiivisDuring the short time David Chivvis has been a member, he’s lost more than 200 pounds through his dedication and hard work. In June, his employer (also a CFC member) gifted David with a membership, and he has fully embraced his journey to healthier living. He faithfully exercises—working out at CFC nearly every day for one
to three hours—and has started eating better. David always greets the staff with a big smile and is friendly with everyone he encounters at CFC.


Cooper Quest Champion: Cris Hartley, Member Since 2010

Cris Hartley is a standout participant in the Cooper Quest wellness program. CQ
She’s participated in the program since its inception—formerly the Activ8 program—and in 2017 she seized the opportunity to work toward improving her Cooper Quest Score. Between the May Cooper Quest Week and November Cooper Quest Week, Cris improved her blood work, body composition and cardiovascular fitness, increasing her total score by 13 points. She isn’t easily defeated or discouraged, and she faces her health choices with a balanced perspective. Cris shares her story with an attitude of joy.

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