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Swimming for Injury Recovery

When Cooper Fitness Center member Lyndee Myers took a 15-mile hiking trip to Big Bend in May of 2017, she didn’t expect to come back with an injury.

“I was wearing hiking boots for the entire trip but I evidently didn’t have the best arch supports,” says Myers. “Because of that, I developed plantar fasciitis in my foot.”

Myers has always been active. In fact, she’s been a devoted member of Female Focus at the fitness center for nearly a decade. When she returned from her vacation, she found exercise painful. That’s when she knew she needed help.

“I went to the podiatrist, ended up seeing three doctors, did cortisone shots, stem cell injections, physical therapy,” says Myers. “I even took six weeks off from exercising, which didn’t help at all.”

Myers thought she had tried it all until Cooper Fitness Center Swim Pro Marni Kerner Swim1suggested she try getting in the pool. Myers had only swam for fun, never for sport, but decided to give it a try.

“I was really apprehensive at first, but when you want to feel better, you do what you have to do,” says Myers. “I started  lessons in April of 2018. They were about an hour, twice a week.”

“Swimming is extremely low impact, so it’s a great option for exercise when you’re recovering from an injury,” says Kerner. “Swimming can also help reduce inflammation, which can help reduce pain.”

Swimming also provides a cardiovascular benefit, helping to increase your heart rate and burn more calories. In fact, swimming is considered one of the top five aerobic exercises.

After two months of twice weekly hour-long lessons, Myers now swims with Kerner for 30 minutes. On the days she doesn’t have a lesson, you can find Myers swimming on her own using techniques she’s learned. She also works on stretches at home, which Kerner recommended, making it a great form of recovery both in and out of the water.

“My plantar fasciitis hasn’t totally gone away, but it’s at the point where it’s much more manageable,” says Myers. “I feel better after swimming. That’s what keeps me coming back.”

“She’s going through her recovery without pain and receiving cardiovascular benefits,” says Kerner. “I can’t think of any client who hasn’t stuck with swimming after an injury. It becomes a life-long sport.”

To learn more about swimming lessons available or to schedule a private lesson, visit cooperfitnesscenter.com.


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