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2018 Cooper Fitness Center Member Awards

Each year, Cooper Fitness Center recognizes members who exemplify the Get Cooperized model and represent Cooper Fitness Center in the best ways possible. We had an amazing pool of nominees representing Cooper as ambassadors, which made it difficult to select just a few. Congratulations to all of the 2018 recipients!


Mr. & Mrs. Aerobics: Finley & Lauren Ledbetter, Members Since 2013

Fitness is truly a family affair for Finley and Lauren Ledbetter. Finley began coming to CFC with his parents as a teen to play basketball and lift weights. In 2013 Finley and Lauren joined and they’ve been active together ever since. They enjoy lifting weights in their couples training sessions with Professional Fitness Trainer Tonya Gutch, MS. EP8A3562Always up to trying something new, Finley and Lauren participate in group exercise classes, Finley trains with Boxing Pro Derrick James and in a weekly private session with Tonya, Lauren is perfecting her aerial yoga skills on the Queenax™ AntiGravity® equipment.

Nothing gets in their way of working out at CFC. In the last two years, Finley has lost 50 pounds through a consistent diet, exercise—lots of basketball—and encouragement from members and staff.

“Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.” That’s just what Finley and Lauren are doing for their daughter, Presley. At only 2 years old she already knows her way around the Fitness Center. She’s a regular in Cooperized Kidz childcare, takes swim lessons and even shoots baskets with Finley from time to time.

Female of the Year: Jan Woerner, Member Since 2016

As Jan Woerner describes it, exercise and good nutrition are just part of who she is—“they’re in [her] DNA.” She’s always treated her body as a machine or car and made EP8A3596sure to properly fuel it. So in May 2015 when her body went into septic shock, many doctors attribute her survival to her good health. Her recovery included three months in the hospital, kidney dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant in August 2017. Exercising at Cooper during the recovery kept Jan going physically and mentally. Through her perseverance with assistance from Professional Fitness Trainer Shannon Edwards, MS, Jan has regained her life and is a testament to the healing power of healthy living.

 Male of the Year: Bruce Graham, Member Since 2004

Regardless of where his work travel takes him, Bruce Graham always “packs” his CooperEP8A3653 workouts. Through his training sessions with Professional Fitness Trainer Shannon Edwards, MS, Bruce has learned a broad range of functional fitness exercises he can complete almost anywhere. He works out 4-5 times per week and attributes his recovery from back and rotator cuff surgery to Shannon’s guidance and expertise. Bruce is a role model professionally—encouraging his employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle—and personally to his three daughters. He serves on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes National Board of Trustees and is Board of Directors Chairman for Both Ends Believing.

Classic of the Year: J. Walter Coughlin, Member Since 1973

EP8A3634A member for more than half of his life, Walt Coughlin is a fixture at CFC. While working as a Secret Service agent, he was transferred to Dallas in 1973 and joined Cooper his first day here. At the age of 84, the former marathon runner and collegiate football player exercises five days a week, walking 12-15 miles each week. Coming to the Fitness Center is no longer a habit for him, it’s a necessity. He enjoys every moment he’s here being active with his friends and sharing the experience with his daughter and CFC member, Kelly Bennett. Walt epitomizes Dr. Cooper’s quote, “Age fast or age slow, it’s up to you,” as he continues to exercise daily to enjoy life!

Youth of the Year: Weston Schaded, CFC Client Since 2014

Growing up at Cooper—from crawling and walking at Cooperized Kidz to running drills EP8A3611 with Basketball Pro Coleman Crawford and building his strength with Professional Fitness Trainer Shannon Edwards, MS—Weston Schaded, age 11, has experienced the benefits of fitness firsthand. Endurance, agility, self-discipline and persistence are a few of the physical and mental benefits he’s developed. He shares his fitness knowledge with his basketball teammates and encourages them to never give up. Weston practices what he preaches—with a smile on his face regardless of the challenge—and is an inspiration to family, friends and all who see his commitment to exercise. 

Most Improved: Michael Shriro, Member Since 1994

EP8A3683In the last 18 months, Michael Shriro has lost 100 pounds through exercise and healthy eating. With encouragement from his sister, in 2017 Michael embarked on a more focused approach to weight loss and good health and he’s found success. He’s added years to his life according to his doctor. Not to mention he feels better, is wider awake and even enjoys food more. He works out daily and even sometimes comes to Cooper twice a day. The support of fellow members motivates him to keep going and continue achieving his goals.

Cooper Quest Champion: Julie Wardner, Member Since 2008

Knowing your numbers is key to maintaining good health. Through the Cooper Quest EP8A3708wellness program Julie Wardner is using knowledge to transform her health. Based on her quarterly Cooper Quest assessments results—especially focused on her blood work and cardiovascular fitness test—she adjusts her workout regimen and diet to meet her goals. Julie also uses Myzone® heart rate tracking to guide her exercise intensity. She’s improved her cardiovascular fitness from fair to excellent. Julie is a shining example of how to utilize Cooper Quest to improve the quality and quantity of life.

For more information on membership at Cooper Fitness Center, visit  cooperfitnesscenter.com or call 972.233.4832.

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