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Take Time to Care for You Now

June marked 13 years of empowering women to improve their health through fitness and education with Cooper’s Female Focus program. Designed for women who spend the majority of their lives taking care of others, this program shows them how to take care of themselves by making their health a long-term priority. Available to women of all ages and tailored to meet each woman’s individual needs, Female Focus also equips participants with nutritional components that coincide with each of their fitness goals.

Cooper Fitness Center Female Focus Director and Professional Fitness Trainer Colette Cole, MS, developed this fitness program for women directly from her book, Women’s Health and Fitness Guide, co-written with Michele Kettles, MD, MSPH, Chief Medical Officer of Cooper Clinic. Many women wanted to be personally trained by Cole, but she simply did not have the capacity to offer one-on-one help to the number of women requesting to be trained.
Cooper Portraits and Female Focus
Colette’s supervisor at the time, Brad Wilkins, now President of Cooper Health and Fitness, challenged her to solve this amazing issue. “That’s when the Lord put it on my heart to develop small group training just for women based upon their goals and needs,” said Cole. “God used the book in dramatic ways to help women on a daily basis, even thirteen years later.”

In the beginning there was no way of predicting how strong the relationships between the participants would develop. As each of the women’s fitness goals fluctuated with life stages and circumstances, the longevity and camaraderie of the group continued to cultivate. Some of the same women have now been coming to Female Focus classes together for almost nine years, socializing and participating in other group exercise classes outside of the program.

“The women who keep coming back to the program aren’t only returning for the expertise and health benefits,” said Cole. “They come back for the accountability and the relationships built with other women and instructors. The physical and relational benefits of the class work together to keep the women motivated to reach their health and fitness goals long term.” The participants also find emotional support from their peers as they relate to the good and bad seasons of life together – including cancer, becoming empty nesters or the passing of a parent – all while staying the course on their fitness journeys. This family-type atmosphere also makes new Female Focus participants feel welcomed and right at home.

Women seeing themselves as important enough to invest time and effort in their own health and well-being now, will take care of them later on in life. You must first take care of yourself in order to be fully functional, have better quality of life and take care of others. You’re worth it.

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