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Cooper Feels Like Home

Cooper Aerobics. What is Cooper Aerobics? While many definitions accompany “Cooper Aerobics,” the primary thought regards its physical makeup: six health and wellness businesses—Cooper Clinic, Cooper Fitness Center, Cooper Hotel, Cooper Spa, Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements and Cooper Wellness Strategies. Others may think of the mission associated: encouraging healthy habits to improve both the quality and quantity of life. My definition is a bit different.

Growing up, my family and I have known and referred to Cooper Aerobics, and its different entities, as one establishment: “The Cooper.” To my brother and me The Cooper was‒as cliché as it is‒our home away from home. Every time my grandparents would visit we knew we would get to stay at The Cooper, swim in the pool and have our own room with a TV that we could watch from bed‒clearly it was a simpler time back then.

Cooper Hotel Pool_2014_DSC1142

Naturally, my love for The Cooper only increased as I grew up. A high point I remember from elementary school is when my parents let me have my 11th birthday at The Cooper. Staying at a hotel with 10 fifth graders is clearly every parent’s dream, right? I probably still need to thank them. I couldn’t hide my excitement to show off The Cooper to my friends, strutting around the halls to the snack machine like I owned the place. I will never forget that weekend, swimming in the pool and watching movies until midnight.

As I grew older and my schedule became busier in high school, Friday night football games and the inevitable “too cool for school” attitude, my time spent at The Cooper dwindled but never disappeared. I have a rather large, and sometimes loud, amazing group of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who stayed at The Cooper when they came to visit.

When I graduated from high school, my entire family stayed at The Cooper, making my time in Dallas and at The Cooper come full circle. In a funny way, The Cooper played a part in helping me grow into who I was and stuck with me through my awkward glasses and braces phase‒all the way to college.

Fast forward to the end of my junior year at the University of Oklahoma, I was looking for a summer internship in Dallas to help me grow professionally. I came across a marketing internship at Cooper Aerobics and immediately texted my dad to share my enthusiasm. A lot of college students want to intern for amazing companies, but few get to work for a company they grew up admiring. I applied as fast as I could and was fortunate enough to interview with Priscilla Hagstrom, VP of Marketing and Communications and Pam Czerlinsky, Communications Manager.

While I hadn’t been to The Cooper since I left for college, I walked through the front door of the hotel and the sense of comfort immediately overcame me. The passion for the mission of The Cooper couldn’t be missed from the moment I was greeted to my interview to the moment I got into my car to leave. When I got the call offering me the internship the excitement I felt truly can’t be put into words. This summer I have been able to write blogs and work on projects that reflect a mission and company I believe in.

If you aren’t a fan of clichés, I would stop reading here‒I’m sorry but I have to say it. I have had the opportunity to work under and with a marketing team that has the utmost talent and who represent the health and wellness community and mission superbly. The opportunity to meet with and learn about the journey of Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, and how he changed the world for the better is one I can’t put a price on. I am grateful I have been able to work for and learn from a company I truly believe in, one that has shaped the person I am in more ways than one. With all of this being said, there is only one definition of The Cooper for me: The Cooper is home.

Blog provided by Afton Guedea, Cooper Aerobics Marketing summer intern and Student at the University of Oklahoma.

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