Ravi Marawar of National Instruments (NI), a Cooper Wellness Strategies client, shares his testimonial with us. As a member of the Methodology Consulting Services team, he discusses how he changed his lifestyle with the proven value of regular exercise.

My fitness journey began about six years ago at one of NI’s health fairs. My blood pressure check at a vendor booth revealed it was too high, so I joined NI’s fitness center right away and started doing aerobic exercise. Within almost three months, my blood pressure was much lower. That was what truly proved the value of regular exercise to me.

When I began exercising, I worked out every other day. However, in one of my annual check-ups, my glucose was found to be at pre-diabetic levels. Around that same time, Cooper Aerobics was starting a new program to help NI employees address chronic health problems that taught a holistic approach to exercise, nutrition, sleep and other lifestyle habits. I was selected to go to Dallas for the week-long trip. That trip changed my lifestyle.

For the most part, I have been able to maintain it. I now work out every day and, during the past four years, have been averaging more than 13,000 steps per day. I try to get about 30 percent of my steps at the heart rate above 130 bpm by either working out on an elliptical or jogging. At the completion of the Cooper program, they gave us a Fitbit and I still wear it all day. When I measure and monitor my heart rate and steps, it tends to change my behavior!

Working out after work is what works best with my personal and family obligations. Having the fitness center on campus at NI helps tremendously—one can’t have a logistical excuse for not working out! Exercise after work has also become relaxing for me. I am fortunate to have a community fitness center in my neighborhood where I can work out on the weekends with the same equipment as NI’s fitness center.

The elliptical has become a mainstay in my routine because it helps me get the most out of my exercise without the high impact on my knees. I am also able to watch TV or read a magazine while using the elliptical. If it is a nice day, I will go for a jog in a park. Someday I would like to play a sport regularly, such as tennis or badminton.

Life is not perfect, so you have to take into account interruptions to your exercise routine, like traveling or getting sick. When I am traveling, I try to get at least 10,000 steps in every day. When I return home from traveling, I go to the fitness center the very next day to maintain my routine.
Consistency has helped me to make exercise a habit over the years. Now I feel like something is missing if I go a single day without working out. It took a while to get there, but I think it is possible for everyone to make exercise a part of their lifestyle and then make it into a habit.

Ravi Marawar
Project Architect on the Methodology Consulting Services team in Global Services organization