Investing in your health reaps benefits that last a lifetime. At Cooper Clinic, we believe your present and future health deserve quality care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Platinum concierge medicine program integrates preventive and primary care, fitness, nutrition and life balance in order to provide comprehensive care, looking at your health needs from all 360 degrees.

Executive Director of Cooper Clinic Platinum Roni GonzalezDunn unpacks how concierge medicine is designed and implemented to maximize your quality of life now and for years to come.

What is concierge medicine?

Also known as retainer medicine or boutique medicine, concierge medicine is an enhanced personalized relationship between you and your primary care physician. Concierge medicine is designed for the individual who is interested in obtaining and maintaining good health through having a close personal relationship with a physician. By paying a membership fee, you are paired with a physician who is accessible 24/7. In concierge care, insurance may or may not be accepted depending on the facility and physicians see less patients in order to give each patient adequate time and attention for optimal care. 

Many physicians have opted to go concierge as it provides more time to have meaningful conversations with their patients and provide a high-touch approach to their medical care. This is exactly how the trajectory of Cooper Clinic Platinum began in 2010.

What sets Cooper Clinic Platinum concierge medicine apart?

Having our own laboratory, imaging, dermatology, cardiology, nutrition, gastroenterology services and fitness center in one location makes Cooper Clinic your one-stop-shop for all your health needs. In contrast to Cooper Clinic’s comprehensive preventive exam, the Platinum program also offers primary and acute care, such as sick office visits and follow-up care on chronic issues, in addition to the preventive services Cooper Clinic provides.

Cooper Clinic does not accept insurance or Medicare but will file medical visits and procedures to the patient’s insurance upon request. Depending on your insurance provider, you may or may not receive reimbursement.

Cooper Clinic Platinum physicians (pictured left to right): Christopher Abel, MD; Riva Rahl, MD; Michael Chapman, MD; Emily Hebert, MD; Steven Lilly, MD, MBA.

How does the Platinum team support a patient’s needs?

Everyone on the Platinum team plays a role in supporting the patient in their health care journey. Our 13-member team consists of:

  • Five physicians
  • Six patient advocates
  • One assistant patient advocate
  • One registered nurse

Each paying Platinum member has an assigned physician and patient advocate that will assist them with their personalized medical needs. Our team is in continuous communication with patients by email, call or text for primary and acute care needs. This includes scheduling and providing services at Cooper Clinic or needs involving an external specialist.

What is the patient journey like as a Platinum member?

The first step is to talk to a Platinum representative to discuss the program in detail. Once it is determined concierge membership is the appropriate program for you, the second step requires you to have a comprehensive preventive medical exam at Cooper Clinic. Upon completion of your preventive exam, an assigned Platinum physician will recommend which tier of the program best fits your health care needs. Based on the physicians’ recommendations, the patient advocate assists you with coordinating personalized ongoing care. 

What are the perks of Platinum membership?

Our goal is to provide all the tools and resources necessary for our members to experience the highest quality and quantity of life. We encourage Platinum members to take advantage of the extensive list of Cooper perks and discounts available to them including:

  • Complimentary annual Cooper Clinic comprehensive preventive exams
  • Complimentary Cooper Fitness Center membership
  • Special pricing on Cooper Complete vitamins and supplements, Cooper Clinic cosmetic dermatology procedures and restorative products and treatments at Cooper Spa
  • Preferred pricing at Cooper Hotel
  • Assistance with emergency room visits

How long does it take for members to get in contact with their physicians?

All patient calls and emails are returned in a timely manner. Depending on the medical urgency and physician recommendation, members are typically able to see their physician that same day or the next business day. While we are not an emergent care facility, all members are given their Platinum physician’s cell number. There is always a physician available to assist with non-emergent medical needs, even after hours. 

Cooper Clinic Platinum membership is a worthwhile investment in yourself that provides unmatched quality care and benefits. By giving priority access to physicians, removing time constraints and establishing individualized care plans, the Platinum concierge medicine team can be lifelong partners in your health.

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