Lavender spa products with dried lavender flowers on a wooden table.

Melt your stress away with one of Cooper Spa’s new Harmonic Lavender services. The soft ambient music, exceptionally clean workstations and complimentary robe and slippers provide a relaxing atmosphere you won’t want to leave. With spa professionals expertly trained and guiding you through every step of the process, nothing unwanted goes on your skin or nails. You’ll leave your service with a relaxed mind and body and nails in the best condition they’ve ever been.

Harmonic Lavender Pedicure

Sit back, relax and prop your feet up in an oversized massage chair. A dry, warm towel with drops of lavender essential oil is gently placed around your neck when you begin your service. The sweet, floral lavender scent instantly brings comfort and clarity; you can’t help but drift into a peaceful state of mind during this Harmonic Lavender Pedicure. Your stress will instantly melt away the second you slip your feet into the warm lavender fresh soak.

After a relaxing soak, your nails are cut and filed before the lavender sugar scrub is massaged into your skin. After the exfoliating mask is rinsed off, your legs feel soft and buttery smooth. The calming effects of the lavender essential oils brings increased clarity to your mind as you relax.

Next, your cuticles are trimmed, nails buffed and cuticle oil rubbed in. A lavender moisture mask is generously applied to the feet and calves, instantly hydrating your tired feet. Close your eyes and relax for five minutes as the cooling mask soaks into the skin, leaving the lavender scent lingering on your body the rest of the day.

Finally, a luxurious lavender lotion and massage is given, releasing tension, aches and pains from your legs. Select the polish of your choice to finish off this relaxing pedicure and walk away feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Harmonic Lavender Manicure

Pedicures not your thing? Try a relaxing and therapeutic Harmonic Lavender Manicure to de-stress this summer! Start with a lavender fresh soak to soften cuticles and cleanse the nails. Your nail beds are thoroughly cleaned—nails clipped, filed and shaped to your liking—before a lavender sugar scrub is applied to the forearms and hands. This special blend of natural lavender essential oil and sugar mix exfoliates your rough, dry skin leaving it soft and glowing. Fresh, warm towels wrapped around the arms and hands add to the calming experience. Oh, how soothing; but the pampering doesn’t end here.

Your cuticles are cleaned up next. Cuticles are trimmed, nails are buffed to shine and cuticle oil is rubbed in to protect the nails. Indulge in the heavenly lavender scented moisture mask applied next to hydrate the skin. Arms and hands are wrapped in another set of warm, wet towels, allowing your skin to fully soak up the calming effects of the treatment. Sink into the seat as the warmth takes over your whole body. Once removed, the moisture mask leaves your skin dewy and silky smooth.

This manicure ends with the subtle yet comforting luxurious lavender scented lotion and massage so relaxing, you’ll want to fall asleep. Feel the tension leave your body as the lotion is massaged into your arms, hands and fingers. No manicure is complete without the finishing touch of the polish of your choice. Choose a neutral color to compliment your everyday look or spice it up with something fun for the summer—whatever you choose, you’re sure to leave with beautifully-refreshed, polished nails.

Have time to spare? After your service, enjoy the sauna, whirlpool and steam room located inside Cooper Fitness Center to further your relaxation. Complimentary use of the locker room facilities are available for use during the day of treatment. For your convenience and peace of mind, we provide complimentary childcare for children ages 2 months to 12 years at Cooperized Kids based on length of time and availability.

Experience the relaxing and calming effects of lavender yourself with one of Cooper Spa’s new services. Choose from the Harmonic Lavender Manicure, Pedicure or Sugar Scrub body treatment. For a complete day of relaxation, try our Harmonic Lavender Escape package which includes all three.

Make an appointment with one of our skilled spa professionals. Call 972.392.7729 to schedule your Harmonic Lavender service. For Cooper Spa’s complete menu of services, visit