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Does Sitting Too Much Affect Your Heart Health?

There is a new area of science looking specifically at the harms of physical inactivity or sedentary behavior, which is not necessarily the inverse of benefits of physical activity, according to Nina Radford, MD, Cardiologist and Director of Clinical Research at Cooper Clinic.

Most of the data suggests that if you spend too much time sitting, you’re more likely to develop risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. The more time you spend sitting, the more weight you gain, the more your waist circumference increases, your blood sugar rises and cholesterol profile worsens.

Improve Your Heart Health
There are several conventional recommendations to people who sit long periods of time each day. Some of these suggestions include:

  • Get up once an hour and take a walk.
  • Stand while on the phone or opening mail.
  • Rather than emailing a colleague who works down the hall, walk down the hall to speak to them instead.
  • At lunch, take some time to walk around your building or around the block.

While these suggestions can’t hurt, there’s a bigger picture we have to look at, says Dr. Radford. Being sedentary isn’t only about sitting at your desk at work. It’s a sedentary lifestyle that is truly dangerous. People who are sedentary get less moderate physical activity and may have worse diet patterns.

New research shows that someone who is physically fit and makes regular exercise a priority, but who has a desk job, has fewer risk factors for heart disease than someone who has a desk job and is not physically fit.

“There is a new idea that if you sit at your desk all day, going to the gym at night won’t help, but that is not necessarily the case,” says Dr. Radford.

Researchers at The Cooper Institute have found that the adverse effects of time spent sitting are less pronounced the more fit you are.

“The notion that you can’t undo the ravages of a sedentary lifestyle by exercising every day is a bad public health message and the data doesn’t convincingly demonstrate that,” says Dr. Radford

So what does Dr. Radford recommend? Be generally active and get an annual physcial exam. Make it a priority to get 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week. If you do have to sit long periods of time, get up and move around as much as possible, but the real emphasis is on living an otherwise active lifestyle.

Leading Healthy Change by Example

What are ways you can set a healthy example at work?

Over the years, Cooper Consulting Partners has discovered that a healthy company is driven from the top down and leading by example yields results. Passionate and engaged leadership is the force behind most successful corporate wellness programs.

To help executives activate change within themselves and their organizations, Cooper Consulting Partners created Fit:Business. The healthy leadership workshop is based on research from The Cooper Institute that has revolutionized health and wellness, and inspired millions of people to live healthier lives.

Offered as a one-day interactive workshop, Fit:Business is our flagship training program that achieves the ultimate output by helping the participants connect their personal health to their productivity, while at the same time driving healthier behaviors of those around them.

The full-day Fit:Business workshop includes:

  • Sessions on leading healthy change, stress management, exercise, nutrition and more.
  • An interactive participant guide to use during the program and as a reference following the program.
  • Light activity breaks to keep participants engaged and to demonstrate the ease and efficiency of an active lifestyle.
  • A healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.
  • One-year license to Fit:Mobile – the workshop’s companion content app that drives ongoing engagement.

The next Fit:Business session will be held in Dallas on April 24, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Register today or click here to find out more about upcoming sessions in your area, contact Cooper Consulting Partners.

Wintery Family Fun

The temperatures may be dropping, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside. Read a few fun recommendations from Cooper Fitness Center for family outings that are sure to get the whole family moving.

Ice Skating
Take to the ice! Not only is ice skating a great way to bond with family members and friends, but a 150 lb. person can burn up to 250 calories in just 30 minutes of skating! As a seasonal activity, it’s fun, different and sure to provide some good memories.

Winter Vacation
If you are planning a winter vacation, look into locations that offer activities to keep your family moving. If you head to the mountains, hit the slopes on skis, a snowboard, sled or in snow shoes. You can even choose to try cross country skiing, which is one of the top five aerobic exercises.

If you choose to escape the cold and head to the beach instead, try starting or ending your day with a run or walk on the beach. Grab your friends or family members and strike up a game of sand volleyball.

Friendly Competition
Sign up the family for a fun holiday run or walk. There is something exciting about joining hundreds of families that are running for the same cause. Use it as a time to explain to your kids the true meaning of the foundation or charity they are running for and the importance of giving back during the holidays.

See the Lights
Take a stroll around your neighborhood and take in all of the holiday lights. Doing so is a great way to stay active and get some quality time with your family. If you’ve toured the neighborhood one too many times, mix things up and choose a different neighborhood or head to your favorite public park.

No matter what you do this holiday season, it’s important to stay active with your family. Doing so will help give you a jumpstart so you can start the new year healthy and happy.

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Do You Need MAT?

November 25, 2013 1 comment

Do you want to return to your favorite activities or simply improve the quality of your life? You need MAT! Muscle Activation Techniques™ is a revolutionary approach to correct muscle imbalances. MAT gets to the root of the problem by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. This helps to restore normal body alignment, decrease pain and reduce the risk of injury. Cooper Fitness Center has four Professional Fitness Trainers who are MAT certified to provide this one-on-one training to help you return to your active lifestyle with renewed strength and without pain.

Want to know more? We got together with Professional Fitness Trainer and MAT Specialist Robert Treece to break down the process to show you what MAT is all about. Robert worked with david, one of our very own teammates at Cooper, who has a limited range of movement in his left knee from cycling—check out the video below!

For more information and to sign up for a session contact Mary Edwards at 972.233.4832 or