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Expecting the Best at Cooper Spa

In just a few days, my due date will be here and I’m truly Expecting the Best with our second child—a girl! As the Director of Cooper Spa, Dallas, I thought it was the perfect time to experience our Expecting the Best package. I must say that if you are pregnant or know someone who is, this is a real treat. Carrying such a precious gift is truly a miracle, but it sure can tweak some muscles and cause some discomfort.

Happy Easter from the Carrolls!

With this pregnancy, I’ve had some upper back issues so the 50-Minute Pregancy Massage was just what I needed. The massage therapist worked her magic! I felt some relief immediately after the massage. Enough to know that I had waited too long for that healing touch.

Our Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage relieves stress through the use of massage, specialty contoured body pillows, soft music and aromatherapy. Improved circulation and diminished back and hip pain are benefits of this unique therapy for pregnant women. Postpartum massage can help tone and restore a new mother’s body to its prepregnancy condition and alleviate muscle strain and soreness.

Next up, my facial. The Eminence® Organic Customized Facial at Cooper Spa is one of my favorite services, regardless of being pregnant or not. The sensory experience is as enjoyable as the focused touch to my skin—lemon, strawberry, pineapple, hydrating stone crop… amazing! A little secret, I would bathe in SkinCeuticals® products if I could. And since my favorite SkinCeuticals Retinol product isn’t pregnancy-friendly, my skin has been ho-hum since day one of finding out ‘Little Miss’ was on her way. After adding in an eye brow wax, because who doesn’t want well-shaped brows in the delivery room, my skin was glowing! There is nothing like having a sense of circulation back in my face.

Finally after really having a wonderful time, I dipped my exhausted feet into that warm, soothing, cleansing pedicure bath. A little scrub here (and a very light rub there), then one of Cooper Spa’s skilled technicians added a pretty pink polish. These tired girls were suddenly feeling the love they were asking for. I suddenly wished I had been better about taking advantage of these services sooner.

But now that I have, I hope you’ll come try them soon or send your loved ones this way—we can take care of their every need! If you’re pregnant, it is always best to consult your physician prior to having spa services.

And remember Mother’s Day is May 11. Now through May 11, purchase a $250 gift card and receive a full-size gym bag complete with a 3-day Cooper Fitness Center guest pass*. As an added bonus, our Spa clients always enjoy complimentary childcare during any spa treatment.

Purchase a gift card or book an appointment today!

*Promotion available only for in-store purchases. Bag color will vary and while supplies last.

Celebrating 15 Years With You

August 20, 2013 Leave a comment

August has been a blast so far! While celebrating our 15 years of service we have opened the new Cooper Spa lobby in the renovated entrance of Cooper Fitness Center, launched our online store, we’re preparing to introduce a new gel-manicure and we have given away prizes to 15 lucky Facebook fans! Our 15-Day Giveaway sweepstakes on Facebook gave fans who don’t necessary live in the DFW area the opportunity to try products from Cooper Spa’s own private label Beautiful Fit™. Now that we have launched our online store, anyone in the U.S. can purchase from our full list of products and have it shipped to their door. Check out the list of winners below and the cool products they received!

Aug. 1: Candace won Beautiful Fit Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Aug. 2: Angela won Beautiful Fit Vanilla Tangerine Lotion and Lip Balm

Aug. 3: Sarah won Beautiful Fit Vanilla Tangerine Candle

Aug. 4: Aime’e won Beautiful Fit Lavender Citrus Lotion

Aug. 5: Natalie won Beautiful Fit Lavender Citrus Wash

Aug. 6: Janie won Beautiful Fit Lavender Dreams Body Polish

Aug. 7: Nick won Nourishe™ Eyelash Conditioner available for purchase at Cooper Spa, Dallas

Aug. 8: Laurie won Nourishe™ Eyelash Conditioner available for purchase at Cooper Spa, Dallas

Aug. 9: Sharon won Beautiful Fit Lavender Citrus Lotion

Aug. 10: Caitlyn won Beautiful Fit Lavender Citrus Wash

Aug. 11: Rachel won Beautiful Fit Vanilla Tangerine Lotion

Aug. 12: Lydia won Beautiful Fit Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Aug. 13: Charlene won Beautiful Fit Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Aug. 14: Michelle won Beautiful Fit Vanilla Tangerine Candle

Aug. 15: Sydney won Beautiful Fit Vanilla Tangerine Candle

Continue to celebrate with us through the month of August and be sure to look out for more giveaways from time to time on our Facebook page.

See our full menu and book an appointment today.

My Relaxing Afternoon of Aromatherapy

May 10, 2012 1 comment

Cooper Spa Dallas’ Wendy Ruggiero is the expert on aromatherapy with the use of essential oils to help combat stress. She knows how to make your afternoon calm and relaxing.

When it comes to inhalation, Wendy noted that everyone has a different scent preference. She enjoys the earthier, more citrus scents. For both inhalation and skin application, you can also blend favorite scents to find your perfect match.

Here are a few of Wendy’s favorite scents and their therapeutic benefits:

Lavender – Lavender is very versatile and blends well with a variety of other oils. It does well with citrus or floral blends alike. The name Lavender comes from the Latin word, lavare, meaning “to wash.” In ancient times, this was the oil of choice in cleansing wounds and to disinfect and purify the air.

The use of Lavender helps to relive migraines and headaches, nervous tension, insomnia and hypertension. It has a soothing, sedating and balancing effect. Try using Lavender in a bath or with a full-body massage. To help relieve stress, blend Lavendar with Bergamot (more about this scent below).

Chamomile – This oil was not cultivated until the 16th century and probably arrived from Britain. Hieroglyphic records show that Chamomile was used cosmetically for at least 2,000 years.

Chamomile helps to manage allergies, depression symptoms, digestive trouble and high fevers among others. Blend it with Clary Sage, Lavendar and Majoram to enhance sleep or try it in a bath.

Bergamot – Bergamot originates from South East Asia, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. This oil acts as a pain reliever, anxiety reducer, antiseptic and more. It’s thought to be emotionally encouraging and uplifting bringing balance to the spirit.

Peppermint – Peppermint is strongly used as a stimulating, digestive rememdy. It’s also used to lower fevers and to relieve pain.

Clary Sage – This oil is believed to be euphoric and calming. People use it as an antidepressant, antiseptic, deodorant and sedative.

Marjoram – Marjoram is a warming and calming oil that is known to relieve anxiety and stress. It’s also great for muscle aches and pains as well as digestive issues and stomach cramps.

Wendy offers aromatherapy massage courses and is able to educate anyone on the popular practice. If that isn’t enough greatness, Cooper Spa Dallas offers massages and aromatherapy blends for topical and aromatic needs.

Manage Stress with Aromatherapy

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Managing stress is a critical component to Get Cooperized. Whether it’s through exercise, breathing techniques, or spa treatments, there are multiple ways to relax and rejuvenate. Wendy Ruggiero, massage therapist at Cooper Spa shares tips to unwind with aromatherapy.

I love aromatherapy. I use some form of essential oil everyday, especially when I feel stressed, tired, and overwhelmed. I attribute my healthy immune system to regular massage and aromatherapy. It amazes me every time how these special blends can cheer me up and calm me down all at once.

Aromatherapy triggers a positive emotional and physical response by stimulating your body’s limbic (emotional) and endocrine (hormonal) systems. For example, when you smell Lavender essential oil, its microscopic chemicals immediately trigger your body to calm your nervous system and relax your muscles.

Try my top-three essential oils: 

  1. Eucalyptus: This is great for treating respiratory problems, such as coughs and colds. It helps relieve muscle tension.
  2. Tea Tree: A natural anti-fungal oil, Tea Tree is good for treating all sorts of fungal infections including vaginal yeast infections, jock itch, athlete’s foot, and ringworm.
  3. Rosemary: Rosemary is stimulating and uplifting. It’s good to help mental stimulation and fuel the immune system, and it’s great for muscle aches and tension. Rosemary is also stimulating to the digestive system.

Venturing into aromatherapy can be overwhelming with all the choices. Start slow by finding a reputable company who sells essential oils such as Cooper Spa. We carry a line from Aromatherapy Associates, highly recommended by Wendy to any general consumer. Buy one or two at a time exploring the options of each oil. Feel free to contact Cooper Spa for more details at 972.392.7729 or visit