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Game. Set. Match.

The clay has been prepared. The lines have been freshly drawn. Today marks the first day of the 2012 French Open (or Roland Garros, for anyone following along in Paris), the second of the four annual Grand Slam tennis tournaments. Two full weeks of riveting matches – what more could you ask for?

Tennis is one of my favorite hobbies. I guess I could say it’s one of my favorite “workouts,” but when I play I typically forget I’m even working out! For me tennis is a way to have fun and socialize with friends. In honor of National Tennis month, I went ahead and asked our experts at Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas to share a few health benefits of playing tennis:

  • Tennis provides good caloric burn, especially if you’re playing singles.
  • Since you’re moving around the court in different directions, tennis is a great activity to work on speed, agility and power.
  • It’s also great at helping with eye hand coordination.

We’re fortunate to have four tennis courts here at our Cooper Aerobics campus in Dallas. But if you’re looking for a nearby court where you live, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) can help you find a court.

So don’t just enjoy watching the French Open on TV, head outside and serve up a game.

The Road to Getting Cooperized

August 8, 2011 2 comments

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Christine Buzzetta, the Communications Manager at Cooper Aerobics. I’ve been with Cooper Aerobics about three months and am inspired daily by the organization’s mission and dedication to health. Since day one I have been filling my brain with everything there is to know about Cooper, and after more than 40 years there is no shortage of information.

But this week is all about getting Cooperized! Starting today I will be blogging and tweeting my way through Cooper Wellness, our program that teaches participants all of the tools they need to fall into a healthy lifestyle. We’ll learn how to manage stress, improve nutrition, lose weight and adopt a more active lifestyle. I’ve even heard there are daily cooking demonstrations, which I know my soon-to-be hubby will greatly appreciate. Sign me up!

Living a healthy lifestyle was ingrained in me since I was young. My mom always made an effort to cook nutritious meals and I preferred athletics as my after-school activity of choice. But after playing tennis competitively for more than seven years, suffering and recovering from countless injuries, I pretty much threw exercise out the window after high school. Only recently I began making an effort to be healthy, mostly because I’m getting married in November – talk about motivation! Despite my best efforts, I don’t quite feel like I have a good grip on everything.

All that to say the timing for going to Cooper Wellness couldn’t be better. From just looking at our schedule I’m already beyond excited. Here’s a preview of what to expect:

  • Prescription for a Healthy Life
  • Guidelines for Optimal Nutrition
  • Heart Rate Monitor Demonstration
  • Vitamins and Supplements: What You Should Know
  • Resistance Bands: Exercise Your Options
  • Deliciously Healthy, Delightedly Simple – Meals in Minutes

I’d love to hear from you as I work my way through Cooper Wellness. Please feel free to comment below or message me on Twitter with your questions or personal thoughts about anything and everything related to getting Cooperized!


Stay tuned for more!


This was written by Christine Witzsche former Communications Director at Cooper Aerobics. Christine is no longer with Cooper Aerobics and we wish her all the best with her future endeavors.