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Announcing the New and Improved Cooper Aerobics Website!

We have exciting news! This week we unveiled our brand new website,, where you can access a variety of researched-based health and wellness information helping you to Get Cooperized™.

One of the most exciting and visual changes we made is the new home page for the website. Once you’ve entered into your browser, you’ll see our tagline Get Cooperized, in the center of one circle that is formed by the combination of eight individual circles, each representing a Cooper entity. To learn more, choose an entity page by hovering over any circle. You’ll see a call-out box and photo appear. Then, click on the entity to enter the page. If you click on Get Cooperized in the middle of all of the circles, you’ll be directed to Dr. Cooper’s eight steps to Get Cooperized.

Make sure to check out the following areas of the new website for the latest Cooper information:

  • Get Cooperized section – Here you can learn about the eight steps to Get Cooperized developed by Dr. Cooper and what each step entails.
  • Health Tips – Located in the white navigation bar at the top of your page, Health Tips includes free health articles and videos from Cooper experts and covers the preventive health, exercise, nutrition, stress management and vitamins.
  • The Cooperized E-Newsletter – To sign up for our E-Newsletter or view past issues, click on “Health Tips” in the main navigation bar along the top of your page. You’ll notice a box housing information about the E-Newsletter. You may view past issues and articles all in one place. To receive the E-Newsletter, click on the button located at the right of the page that says “Sign up for our newsletter.”
  • Promotions – Stop here for current promotions offered by all Cooper entities. You can find the link to promotions in the main navigation bar at the top of the page, no matter which page you’re on. Click on “Promotions” and see what Cooper specials are going on now!
  • Buzz section – Also located in the main navigation bar, Buzz offers the latest updates from all of the official Cooper Aerobics media channels including Facebook, Twitter and our blog. Be sure to connect with us on social media!
  • Entity Pages – Each entity has its own page housing everything you need to know. The page even includes a live Facebook feed, giving you the most up-to-date information! To find an entity from our homepage, hover your mouse over the entity of your choice and simply click. From any other page on the website, look towards the top of the page and locate the gray navigation bar where all entities are listed.
  • Events – Never miss an event at Cooper! Located in the main navigation bar at the top of the page, you’ll find all of the upcoming events at Cooper Aerobics Center.

We hope our new website inspires you to make healthy lifestyle choices and reach your ultimate goal— to Get Cooperized!

H-E-B Kicks Off “Slim Down Showdown” at Cooper Wellness

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

You may have seen the article in The Dallas Morning News regarding our partnership with H-E-B Grocery, regarding the “Slim Down Showdown,” a program focused on helping their employees adopt healthy habits and start a healthy lifestyle. We were very excited to kick-off the program here at Cooper for a customized week of Wellness.

The kick-off sets the tone for the entire program. Their week at Cooper included a baseline health assessment, nutritional lectures, cooking classes and field trips to learn how to grocery shop and eat out wisely. It’s essentially everything participants need to take control of their life. To view their complete schedule click here.

At Cooper we provide the foundation – the scientifically valid, proven methods for improving health. As we like to say, we help people Get Cooperized so they can make good health a habit to live better. For the Slim Down Showdown, H-E-B provided another critical component: technology. The 12 H-E-B participants in the program are using blogs and vlogs to share their journey with more than 76,000 H-E-B employees. They are wellness champions serving as the catalyst for changing their company’s culture to one where health is a key priority.

Ultimately, this is about saving lives. These people are not only going to change their own lives, they are influencing their friends, family and the entire company.

The Wellness program that we used with H-E-B can be adopted for any corporation, and is also open to the public one week out of every month. If you’re interested in improving your health we can help you get there.

Learn more about the Cooper Wellness program by visiting our website or calling 972.386.2221.

Risks of Sitting

Do you spend long hours at your desk each day? Beware, all those hours may have a negative effect on your health. David Atkinson, Vice President of Corporate Wellness for Cooper Corporate Solutions advises that too much time in your chair can hinder your health.

“Our desk jobs can be a major threat to our health,” said David. “To stay healthy, we’ve got to make it our job to think about activity throughout the day.”

In today’s work environment companies are doing more with less meaning more time behind the desk for many Americans.

David provided these tips for staying active, even at work:

  1. Make it a balancing act. Invest in a stability ball. Switch between the ball and your desk chair. This will help strengthen your core, but also improves concentration and posture.
  2. On the hour, every hour. Set an alarm to move each hour. Even a simple stretch like reaching upward or touching your toes helps stimulate blood flow. A quick movement each hour can activate muscles that have been in rest mode.
  3. Forget things in your car. That’s right. A trip out to the car for a necessary item can be just the exercise you need to break from the desk routine.
  4. Breath. Move away from your computer to take a deep breath; it helps clear your head, relieves stress and also gets oxygen through your bloodstream more quickly.
  5. Get techie. Invest in an accelerometer or pedometer to track your calorie output. These devices can help you stay motivated to move more during the work day.
  6. Go farther. Park in the last possible parking spot and use those extra steps. Use the bathroom on another floor. Walk to lunch. These easy changes can result in the extra movement you need each day.
  7. Schedule a walking meeting. Look for meetings that can be done outside a conference room. Instead of pulling up chairs, take a few laps around the office.

“It isn’t hard to make movement a part of the work day, it is just hard remembering to move,” shared David. “The more of a habit it becomes, the better off you’ll be in the long run.”

To learn more about how Cooper Corporate Solutions can improve your worksite wellness programming, please visit our website.