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Feel That? It’s Us Pushing You to Push Yourself!

November 6, 2013 Leave a comment

In October Cooper Fitness Center, Dallas hosts the COOPERTHON exercise challenge. From Oct. 1-31 members track their minutes of exercise. Members earn a prize if they log 900 minutes and with 1,685 minutes they are recognized as an elite participant.

Of course, having a goal, especially when you’re working towards it it with others, keeps our members motivated. And a  little personal motivation can be just what we all need to keep going. Many members and teammates noticed an particular teammate (employee) who provided encouragement and motivation as they worked to complete the COOPERTHON Challenge. Cooper Fitness Center Front Desk Associate Nadia begins her day opening the fitness center for our members at 5 a.m. Her smiling face and words of encouragement greet members at the service desk as they begin their workout. Nadia leads by example by running on  the treadmill or AMT machine for 60-80 minutes every day, except Sunday. To support her aerobic exercise, Nadia trains with weights for 20 minutes (every other day).

With Nadia’s consistent workout regime, she completed 900 minutes of exercise by Oct. 15!  She celebrated her one year anniversary with Cooper Fitness Center in July and we hope to see many more years of her inspiration.

Congratulations Nadia and the 350+ members of Cooper Fitness Center for logging 539,494 minutes of exercise during October and completing the COOPERTHON Challenge. If you want to make a healthy change consider a few lessons from COOPERTHON to push yourself—set a goal, track your exercise, tell others and find a friend or two, someone like Nadia to keep you motivated!

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