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Gifts That Keep on Giving

December 23, 2013 Leave a comment

In response to an article in our e-newsletter, The Cooperized, a fan wrote a question.

Our treadmill broke a month ago, and we have been looking for a replacement.  I’m hearing people say get a stair stepper or one of those swinging machines, but not to get a treadmill.  What is the best fitness machine for the home? 

To provide the best response, we called the Director of Fitness of Cooper Fitness Center, DallasMary Edwards, to answer. We thought we would share her insight for anyone considering a new piece of equipment for a gift during the holidays or to jump start the New Year.

Great question! I think the “best machine” for home use is dependent on the person’s needs and goals. Think about the following:

  • Do you have knee or hip issues? If so, you need to purchase a machine that is non-weight bearing, like a recumbent or upright bike or elliptical variation.
  • What do you enjoy? Though that seems simple or trivial, purchase a machine that offers a motion you enjoy. Those that hate to run may find less use for a treadmill, but may enjoy all of the programs that an elliptical can offer.
  • What do you have access to outdoors? In other words, if your neighborhood is well set up for walking and jogging, you may want to consider an elliptical. If it is not possible to walk or run in your area, a treadmill or elliptical purchase would be just fine.

The key to the best exercise machine is one that does not cause you pain. I highly encourage use of a heart rate monitor to determine actual heart rate and thus, exercise intensity. The best adaptations and metabolic stimulus are seen when cardiovascular exercise is consistent throughout the week and incorporates a variety of training: low intensity, long duration; medium intensity or tempo effort; and high intensity interval, short duration. This challenges your whole range of cardiovascular capacity (aerobic to anaerobic), as well as provides great mental stimulation due to the change in workout options/routine.

For those of you wanting to know what equipment we have at Cooper Fitness Center— all of our cardiovascular equipment is Precor®, we are partial!

For other last minute gift ideas see: Fitness Band or Pedometer? What’s on Your List? and Kitchen Gadget Gifts.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from ours to yours!

Our Favorite Gifts for Under the Tree

December 12, 2012 Leave a comment

This holiday season give the gift of health to your family and friends. Whether they’re fitness junkies or just beginning an exercise routine, we’ve got the top gifts straight from our Cooper experts that you can stash under the tree or hide in their stockings.

Salad Dressing Cruet
“My stocking stuffer for all this year is a salad dressing cruet that you fill with your own recipe and it only distributes two  Tablespoons at a time! Try ”
Meridan Zerner, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, Registered Dietitian at Cooper Clinic
A Heart Rate Monitor
“I like Polar because it’s simple! They have basic variations that just show your heart rate, and then fancier models that store additional personal information, like age and height, and provide calorie consumption. Garmin also makes a very nice and more expensive watch/heart rate monitor that tracks distance, pacing and more. If you’re buying for a runner, this is a great gift.”
Mary Edwards, MS, Director of Personal Training at Cooper Fitness Center

My Zeo

iPhone screen1

“This is a sleep manager that connects to your iPhone and analyzes your sleep patterns, helping you to optimize your sleep.  Most people could use higher quality sleep!”
Riva Rahl, MD, Preventive Medicine Physician at Cooper Clinic

A Resting Metabolic Rate Test

“Since I love to eat, and my eating always threatens to overtake my exercising, I personally would love a resting metabolic rate (RMR) test to figure out the amount of calories I use while I’m awake but not moving/exercising.”
Jill Turner, Vice President of Operations at Cooper Concepts
*Resting Metabolic Rate tests are available at Cooper Clinic. Click here for details.
New Workout Clothes
“It’s great to give someone new workout clothes. In my opinion, you can never have too many and it’s always a little bit of encouragement to wear a new item, getting out the door and exercising! Just think wicking and comfortable – Target has some really nice ladies workout clothes, and I haven’t gone wrong with giving gifts to guys from the new Nike store lately.”
Sarah Carroll, Director of Cooper Spa