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Introducing Lavender Dreams

Cooper Spa staff are proud to launch our newest product selection focused on using lavender to calm the mind and relax the body. Personally, I am fond of lavender oil’s property to be able to reduce anxiety and stress. The Body Polish and Bath Salt are the perfect accompaniment to our hour and a half of pure bliss, the Harmonic Lavender Sugar Scrub ($150), a service meant to reveal your most beautiful skin; and I must mention the almost fifty minute hydrating full body massage to complete the service!

Lavender Dreams Body Polish ($28, 8oz) is the take-home body polish which will complete about a dozen full-body scrubs in the privacy of your own bath or shower. This product is sugar-based with a variety of health-improving oils, making it readily dissolvable and suitable for all scrub users, even those with sensitive skin. We do want to point out that it is important to hydrate following a polish of any sort; make sure to test any of our Beautiful Fit body lotions as an excellent addition to this at home care for your body.

Lavender Dreams Bath Salts ($20, 16oz) will aide in the relaxation process at home as well as gently exfoliating impurities from the skin and to soothe tense muscles. Lavender bath products are our most highly-requested product and we have happily answered those requests. Our product is made of Salts from the Dead Sea which are known to aide in relieving arthritis, stimulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation among other benefits. A soak of about 10-30 minutes will have you dreaming peacefully at night and feeling afresh the next day.

All Cooper Spa products contain no artificial color or fragrance, are free from parabens and phthalates and are not tested on animals. You can purchase items in our Boutique or by phone and we’ll wrap your gift up beautifully and ship it directly to you.