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Weddings at Cooper Hotel

By: Savannah Reppart, Events Manager at Cooper Hotel

Wedding season is in full-swing at Cooper Hotel & Conference Center. We host weddings with tented outdoor receptions, indoor receptions and plenty of ceremonies in between. If you are looking for a place for your special day, take a look at some of the memories captured at Cooper Hotel.

Outdoor Receptions

With a 30-acre green campus in the middle of Dallas, outdoor weddings are quite popular here. Last summer we celebrated a beautiful classic wedding with navy linens, gold chiavari chairs and summer floral arrangements.



With inspiration from Pinterest—we hosted a rustic chic wedding, which has been a popular wedding theme. Decorated with unique burlap accents, crystal chandeliers and sunflowers the wedding was a success.


One of my favorite weddings to plan, was a traditional Indian ceremony. The stage under the tent captured the bride’s personality with lots of fuchsia and gold accents. The ceiling was fully draped and lit with sparkling lights and was a night to remember for all. See the wedding featured in Bollywood Magazine here.


Indoor Receptions

With the recent renovations at Cooper Hotel, the calendar is filling up quickly! View photos of the $1 million renovation in progress. Indoor receptions are comfortably planned for up to 250 guests. With full-service catering, Cooper Hotel gives the option to provide your own bar beverages. Cooper Hotel’s exemplary staff hosts the ideal environment to relax and celebrate your day.


To learn more about weddings at Cooper Hotel, join us at the Dallas Bridal Show on July 26-27 at the Dallas Market Center.

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Making Mealtime Successful

October 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Making Mealtime SuccessfulLet’s bring back family mealtime. Yes, our hectic lives all too often force out this once staple daily activity. But it’s SO important and here’s why. Having a meal together is one of the easiest and most essential activities you can do to encourage healthier eating. And, it’s simpler than you think!

Kids learn by example. As parents, you already know what you say ‘speaks’ to them but what you do ‘screams’ to them. “Do as I say, not as I do,” has no place (setting) at the kitchen table. Mealtimes are key opportunities for kids to learn about foods and preferences. Starting at a very young age, children start to develop lasting impressions about different foods, both positive and negative. We want to encourage the right balance of the what, the when and the where: healthy food choices at regular times in a pleasant setting.

Here are some simple steps to get your family’s nutrition headed in the right direction:

  • Plan it. Review the schedule for the week and pick a day or two when you can eat together as a family. Gradually add another day each week.
  • Pull up a chair. Sit down together at the table to eat. This allows for better conversation with fewer distractions. Try to keep the conversation light and fun. Catch up on the events of the day. Enjoy each other’s company.
  • Turn off the distractions and be more mindful about eating. This can be a challenging step but a rewarding one too. Just turn off the TV, put the cell phones and iPods and any other ‘noise’ out of reach. Focus on enjoying a delicious meal together.
  • Try something new. Each week introduce one new food or recipe. Get your kids involved in the deciding what to try. This will get them pumped up about what they are going to eat. Children are more likely to eat foods if they have a hand in picking them out.
  • Prepare the meal together. It may only take a few minutes. Ask your kids to spin the lettuce, snap the green beans or stir the bowl of pasta. When your kids help make the meal they are more likely to eat what is served.
  • Be creative and make it fun. Kids can make name cards for their seats. They can create a decorative centerpiece for the table or fold the napkins in a creative way (I loved doing that as a kid!).
  • Be a positive role model. You as parents and the older children can help model healthy eating habits. Now that’s rewarding!

Kids who eat with their families are more likely to eat healthier foods. And healthy families are happy families!

For more Health Tips and meal preparation inspiration check out the Cooper Aerobics Pinterest page or Recipes section on our website.

Salad in a Jar

October 8, 2013 3 comments

Salad in a JarAt the beginning of the week if I don’t prepare a midday meal or snacks for the work week ahead I’ll find myself buying lunch, skipping lunch or finding an alternative (not so healthy) snack in my desperation to stop my hunger.

That’s where my love of Pinterest helps out! This is a great resource to find and share simple recipes. I found a great concept of ‘salad in a jar’ that is wildly popular on Pinterest and now a favorite way of my own to get my veggies in.

Preparing a Salad in a Jar is easy and the best part—it stays fresh! Bringing a salad to work can be aggravating when your lettuce is soggy or your dressing spills, it’s just not the same as making one at home. Worry no more! Save old pasta sauce bottles or something similar in size to store your salads to create the perfect lunch.

  1. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of dressing at the bottom of the jar. A few of my favorites are: Frank’s® RedHot® Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce for spice, a chopped juicy grapefruit dressing for a fruity salad or just a light vinaigrette.
  2. Add all ingredients that can marinade in the dressing (i.e. chopped chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichokes).
  3. Pack in your spinach or lettuce and seal the jar.

There is a saying, “Five is fine, but nine is divine” that Dr. Cooper often uses. It’s an easy way to remember how many servings (one serving is half a cup) of fruits and veggies to consume every day. If you’re not getting five servings in a day, start there, then work your way to nine. Eating a salad for lunch is a great way to get a majority of your servings of veggies in.

Check out the Nutrition Bites section for great articles by our registered dietitians on a host of topics like this. We also offer some of our favorite healthy recipes. But if you need individualized, expert advice, learn more about our Cooper Clinic Nutrition Services.

For more Health Tips and meal preparation inspiration check out the Cooper Aerobics Pinterest page or Recipes section on our website.

Cooper Aerobics Joins Pinterest

PinterestCooper Aerobics is excited to announce it has expanded its social media presence by joining Pinterest, a digital bulletin board-style photo sharing website. On Pinterest, Cooper Aerobics will share pins and boards to help inspire you to make good health a habit.

January is an especially exciting time for Cooper Aerobics to start pinning. As the New Year begins, many people develop goals and resolutions which focus on health – from increasing physical activity to reducing stress and eating more nutritious foods. At Cooper, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you Get Cooperized  at any stage of your health journey.

To kick off our presence on Pinterest, we will have two boards: Inspirational Quotes and Exercise Moves.

  • Inspirational Quotes: Each day will we add a new quote to inspire you to live better.
  • Exercise Moves: These videos will feature a Cooper Fitness Center expert demonstrating and explaining a new exercise move that you can try.

Let us know the kinds of things you’d like to see on the Cooper Aerobics Pinterest account by leaving a comment below.

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