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Conquering the Summer Camp Swim Test

Sneakers? Sunscreen? Sleeping bag? All may be necessary items for summer camp, but children should also be armed with top-notch swim skills. Cooper Fitness Center Swim Pro Marni Kerner helps kids of all ages prepare for swim tests that are often required at summer day camps and overnight camps.

Each test varies in length and intensity. Some require a child to swim the length or width of a pool, but others require performing all four competitive strokes–freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly–in open water situations. If a child is unable to pass the designated swim test, he or she may have limited access to water activities throughout the duration of the camp, or may be required to wear a life jacket when swimming in a pool or open water.

Training with a certified swim instructor prior to taking a swim test has numerous benefits:

  • Sharpens the child’s skills early in the summer, since it has likely been a while since the child has swam longer distances
  • Introduces specific stroke training to those who may not be familiar with all four competitive strokes
  • Increases physical strength and endurance
  • Improves stroke techniques
  • Builds confidence in the swimmer

In addition to working on swim skills, each swimmer also learns water safety and rest strokes, including how to bob and tread water in order to conserve energy.

Children may only need one lesson to refresh their swim skills, but others may take up to five or six lessons to prepare for their specific test. The time and effort invested is worth it so the kids can enjoy an exciting and safe summer in the water.

For more information about Cooper Fitness Center swim programs, visit or call Swim Pro Marni Kerner at 972.233.4832, ext. 5447.

Summer Camps Offer Play With a Purpose

July 23, 2013 1 comment

Meridan Zerner, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, Cooper Clinic registered dietitian makes learning about nutrition fun at camp.

Summer is in full swing and our phones haven’t stopped ringing from parents hoping our Summer Fit & Fun Camp is the perfect day-camp for their child. Parents typically call for a camp that will keep their kids away from video games and TV. Cooper Fitness Center Assistant General Manager Meredith Rosson says parents ask what sets our camps apart from other camps and she loves having the opportunity to tell them.

1. Our philosophy is to keep kids active all day with exposure to various sports. Our Kids Camp and Youth Camp are the sample platters on our camp menu. In these day-camps children in both age groups will try new sports like lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, disc golf and handball. This helps kids who might not excel in traditional sports like basketball or soccer, find something they feel comfortable with.

2. We provide a safe and encouraging environment within our day-camps for children to try these new activities. On the first day of camp our counselors emphasize how important it is to try new sports and how imperative it is to encourage one another. Children’s sports become so competitive at such a young age now, our camps provide a less competitive and more encouraging atmosphere to just have fun playing, not competing.

3. It’s not just sports–it’s games too! Some of our non-traditional games like Pilo polo, Last Man Standing, Nukem, and relay races are camp favorites. These games are great for the kids to share in their neighborhoods or recess with friends. They also works on the basic motor development skills children need to transfer to future athletic endeavors.

4. Our Counselors. Our Counselors go through three rounds of interviews and a background check to make sure they are just the right fit for our camp. We look for individuals that show a passion for uplifting children in a complete wellness manner. We maintain a 10:1 ratio of kids to Counselors and we also have Junior Counselors assisting. We ensure your children are safe and surrounded by individuals that want to be good influences in your child’s life.

5. Nutrition and fitness is made fun. We have experts in certain fitness and nutrition areas to complete the wellness picture in a kid-friendly 30-minute lesson. One of our popular lessons is led by Meridan Zerner, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, Registered Dietitian at Cooper Clinic. She provides lessons that cover topics, like learning to “eat the rainbow” or what foods make you “leaner, stronger, faster, smarter.”

Another popular activity is the Friday Orienteering Scavenger Hunt with Shannon Edwards, Director of IGNITE! at Cooper Fitness Center. Shannon has always loved adventure and with the creation of his orienteering programs for kids, our campers have loved their Friday scavenger hunt. For the thrill of the hunt, they don’t mind running around our 30-acre campus to lead their team to victory.

6. Every day is different! I often hear from parents that their child got bored at other camps because every day was the same. We do our best to ensure that doesn’t happen. During our Counselor training we take several hours to plan out the entire summer and ensure that we make each day different.

7. Tailor it to your needs! Our sport specific camps like Soccer Camp, Tennis Camp, Basketball Camp and Dance Camps are weeklong camps that last one to two hours per day. If you are looking for a day-camp, you can pair a sport camp with our day-camps. We will ensure your child is at the right place and right time for each activity. This allows a heavier focus on their technical skills in a specific sport, which are coached by one of our Sports Pros, while also enjoying the remainder of their day at Youth Camp or Kids Camp.

8. It is affordable. Comparable to most YMCA camps, our day camps provide a “play with a purpose” philosophy without the high price of many sport and wellness programs. This allows parents to be able to sign their children up for multiple weeks at our day-camps without breaking the bank.

Most importantly we have fun! Summer is a time for kids to be kids and we want them to enjoy their summer break with fond memories of summer camp. For more information visit our website.

Summertime Fitness and Fun for Your Kids


Swim Academy at Cooper Fitness Center

Summer is fun-filled and action-packed at Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas. Offering fitness and sports camps, swimming lessons and athletic development, there’s something for ages 3-18. Experienced staff and an ideal camp setting—the beautiful Cooper Aerobics Center—provide the ultimate camp experience.

Built on the P.L.A.Y.S.—Play Like A Youth Should—philosophy, Cooper summer camps offer kids a non-competitive environment to explore their interests in physical fitness and sports and learn the importance of making healthy choices.

Swim Academy teaches children swimming skills they can enjoy for a lifetime. Seven levels of instruction—beginner to competitive—are offered for ages 3-15. The low student-to-instructor ratio ensures a nurturing, safe environment. Two-week group sessions and private/semi-private lessons are available. Cooper Swim Academy begins May 6.

Fit and Fun Camps deliver non-stop activity for ages 5-12. Campers participate in sports and activities including relays, soccer, basketball, hip hop dance and more. They also have a daily fitness/nutrition lesson to empower them to make healthy choices. Beginning June 3, weeklong full- and half-day camps are offered.

“We don’t want kids to spend their summer sitting in front of a TV or playing video games all day. At Cooper Fit and Fun Camps, we show them that being active can be fun and how to incorporate movement every day,” said Meredith Rosson, Cooper Fitness Center Youth Programs Director. “Campers play various sports including basketball, tennis, volleyball and soccer. Plus, they have a blast playing non-traditional games such as kickball and capture the flag. And we add in nutrition lessons for a well-rounded experience.”

Sports Camps are perfect for those ages 5-17 looking to try a new sport or wanting to improve their skills. Taught by Cooper Fitness Center pros and experienced coaches, basketball, tennis, soccer, dance, hip hop dance, martial arts and self-defense camps are offered. Weeklong sessions will be held June 10-August 2 (dates vary by sport).

Cooper Fitness Center’s Athletic Development Programs, IGNITE! (ages 8-12) and F.A.S.T. (ages 13-18), prepare youth to perform their best in any sport. Through drills and games athletes develop their speed, agility, power, strength and coordination. The multi-week programs are offered year-round.

No matter which summer activities your children choose, they’ll play with a purpose at Cooper Fitness Center.

Cooperize your kids today! Register online at Or for more information, call 972.233.4832.