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Congratulations to our Wellness Warriors!

January 16, 2013 Leave a comment

CF logo_color_RGBWe are fortunate to have organization leaders who understand the importance of employee wellness and providing teammates with the tools and resources to meet their health goals. Our internal wellness program, called Cooper Fit, aims to Cooperize teammates through three key steps:

  1. Know your numbers.
  2. Be willing to act on the need for health improvement.
  3. Learn how to make the needed changes.

Each year Cooper Fit names a “Wellness Warrior” to honor teammates who have made a significant impact in their life, or the lives of others, in the field of health and wellness. After reading through multiple nominations and inspiring stories, three teammates were named our 2012 Cooper Fit Wellness Warriors.

Read more about each of their stories on how they began and are continuing a journey to good health.

Cathy Sides, Director of Customer Relations, Cooper Complete and Cooper Wellness

Cathy’s journey began as she looked in her closet and realized she couldn’t fit into many of her clothes. Due to a knee surgery, her fitness plan was put on hold. As time passed, she decided that her knee was no longer an excuse.  She had already developed a love for swimming, but knew she needed to do more to fit into those clothes!

She credits Cooper Fit to helping her on her journey. Cathy stayed motivated through monthly health challenges and by trying out group exercise classes with other teammates. One of her proudest feats was completing a half marathon with her sister, and having a blast doing it!

Cathy’s advice: “Even if you can only walk for 15 minutes during lunch, it’s better than nothing! If possible, try to meet with a dietitian – our bodies are such machines and need the right fuel. Also, find a partner to go on this journey with you! Together, you can set goals and look forward to a long, fit life.”

Juli Doyal, Certification Program Manager, The Cooper Institute

Since March 2012, Juli has lost 35 pounds and five inches off her waist. Her lifestyle now consists of exercise and healthy eating, and she feels terrific! As she worked toward her health goals, Cooper Fit was a great resource, especially for information regarding the balance of healthy eating and physical activity. Over the past year she has learned that making small behavior modifications and tracking calories can contribute to weight loss success.

Not only do the small changes help, but she draws inspiration from her fellow Cooper teammates. Each day Juli aims to take extra steps during her work day, along with adding more water, fruits, veggies and nuts to her diet. She has also cut back on Dr. Pepper, sour cream and Corner Bakery – these are now considered treats that she enjoys in moderation.

Juli’s advice: “Don’t be afraid to spread the word and inspire change. Share information with your family and friends, so they can enjoy the benefits from eating right and exercising!”

Lorraine Rose, Administrative Representative, Cooper Clinic

Lorraine is like many people – she wanted to be healthy and fit, but always  found a reason to not start or stick with a health plan. She had a wake up call at her last physical exam at Cooper Clinic. According to her doctor, she needed to make some major adjustments to her lifestyle.

In March 2012, Lorraine and her husband started Weight Watchers. The Cooper Clinic Nutrition Department had been telling her for years, “Log what you eat!” She was encouraged by both Cooper Fit and Weight Watchers to eat more fruits and veggies, limit sweets and watch portions. She and her husband worked as a team to fix more meals at home, shop smart and hold one another accountable for both successes and mistakes.

It is not always easy for her to make nutritious choices, but when she sees the slow, steady changes in her weight and energy level, she knows her hard work is paying off in this “unbelievably eye-opening journey.”

Lorraine’s advice: “Having a doctor who cares and co-workers who encourage you is awesome.  The best comment I heard during this whole process is, ‘It never tastes as good as skinny and healthy feels.'”

Congratulations to these three teammates on their great accomplishments!

The Road to Getting Cooperized

August 8, 2011 2 comments

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Christine Buzzetta, the Communications Manager at Cooper Aerobics. I’ve been with Cooper Aerobics about three months and am inspired daily by the organization’s mission and dedication to health. Since day one I have been filling my brain with everything there is to know about Cooper, and after more than 40 years there is no shortage of information.

But this week is all about getting Cooperized! Starting today I will be blogging and tweeting my way through Cooper Wellness, our program that teaches participants all of the tools they need to fall into a healthy lifestyle. We’ll learn how to manage stress, improve nutrition, lose weight and adopt a more active lifestyle. I’ve even heard there are daily cooking demonstrations, which I know my soon-to-be hubby will greatly appreciate. Sign me up!

Living a healthy lifestyle was ingrained in me since I was young. My mom always made an effort to cook nutritious meals and I preferred athletics as my after-school activity of choice. But after playing tennis competitively for more than seven years, suffering and recovering from countless injuries, I pretty much threw exercise out the window after high school. Only recently I began making an effort to be healthy, mostly because I’m getting married in November – talk about motivation! Despite my best efforts, I don’t quite feel like I have a good grip on everything.

All that to say the timing for going to Cooper Wellness couldn’t be better. From just looking at our schedule I’m already beyond excited. Here’s a preview of what to expect:

  • Prescription for a Healthy Life
  • Guidelines for Optimal Nutrition
  • Heart Rate Monitor Demonstration
  • Vitamins and Supplements: What You Should Know
  • Resistance Bands: Exercise Your Options
  • Deliciously Healthy, Delightedly Simple – Meals in Minutes

I’d love to hear from you as I work my way through Cooper Wellness. Please feel free to comment below or message me on Twitter with your questions or personal thoughts about anything and everything related to getting Cooperized!


Stay tuned for more!


This was written by Christine Witzsche former Communications Director at Cooper Aerobics. Christine is no longer with Cooper Aerobics and we wish her all the best with her future endeavors.