If you’re looking to maximize the benefits of your workout, you might want to consider boxing.

“There’s no better conditioning, in my opinion,” says Cooper Fitness Center Boxing Pro Derrick James. But the advantages go far beyond physical training. Derrick explains why boxing is the “trifecta” of workouts, helping improve your body, mind and self-esteem.

Physical Benefits

1_Group boxing photoIf you’re looking to lose weight and tone your body at the same time, boxing can help you get there.

“Boxing helps you lose weight by burning fat,” says Derrick. In fact, you can burn an average of 350 calories in just one, 30-minute boxing session.

“It’s non-stop. You’re punching while moving your feet with little to no down time,” says Derrick. “You’re getting an aerobic workout and strength-training workout at the same time.”

Derrick says it’s also fun, which keeps people coming back for more.

Mental Benefits

Everyone experiences stress from time-to-time, but how do you handle it? Managing stress through exercise and meditation is one of Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper’s 8 Steps to Get Cooperized™.

“Boxing is great because it helps you get your frustration out and trains you to be mentally focused,” says Derrick. “When you start punching, you realize it feels good and many times, you realize you actually need that stress-reliever in your life.”

Derrick says the level of fatigue you attain during a workout also helps you forget you were even stressed in the first place.


5Derrick says approximately 90 percent of his clients are women, many of whom want to learn boxing as a safety measure.

“Boxing is empowering,” says Derrick. “It gives you the confidence so that if you were to be in an unfortunate situation, you know you could protect yourself.”

Derrick says self-confidence continues to increase every single time a client steps into “the ring.”

“I notice they start punching and while they’re doing it, they’re smiling,” says Derrick. “That’s when I know they’re feeling empowered.”

To learn more about the benefits of boxing or to schedule a session with Derrick, visit cooperfitnesscenter.com or call 972.233.4832.