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Prep Your Skin for Spring with Dermaplaning

Give your drab winter skin a jump-start on spring with a new facial resurfacing treatment from Cooper Spa. Lisa Boyle, Cooper Spa Manager, explains how dermaplaning safely removes dead skin cells on the surface of your face, resulting in beautiful skin well into spring.

How it works

Dermaplaning is a safe cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of the skin and provides immediate results for a smoother, youthful and more radiant complexion. Because this procedure doesn’t require any downtime post-treatment, it makes for a convenient and effective way to minimize wrinkles, acne scarring and dull skin without a lengthy recovery period. Our Cooper Spa trained estheticians provide specific steps to best care for your skin after your dermaplane service in order to prevent any possible irritation.

What to expect

Using a small lightweight blade and facial oil, your esthetician gently scrapes the top layer of dead skin cells from your face to reveal healthy skin just below the surface. This 50-minute treatment is not painful; you may feel a slight tingling sensation during your treatment, which is completely normal. Following your dermaplane service, your esthetician may use a light lactic acid peel to remove the remaining debris from your skin. 

Possible side effects

Dermaplaning is a low risk procedure but just like any facial resurfacing treatment, you may experience slight redness in your complexion. You may also feel a sensation of tightness which can be relieved by applying aloe or moisturizer. You will also need to avoid sun exposure for 7-10 days after your treatment and daily apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 as your skin will be more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays that cause typical sunburns and age spots.

Radiant results

Your dermaplane experience is customizable by skin type. Pair it with any of our signature facial services at Cooper Spa. Dermaplaning provides immediate results with the full effects visible within two to three days after your treatment. Though the results are not permanent, they can be maintained for up to three to four weeks along with an esthetician-recommended, at-home skin care regimen.

To schedule an appointment or purchase a Cooper Spa gift card, visit cooperspa.com or call 972.392.7729.

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