Backed by science and based on Cooper Aerobics’ 50+ years of health and fitness expertise, Cooper® Tracks is more than just a fitness program. Cooper Tracks combines exercise and education to form specialized programs focused on chronic disease management and prevention. With six tracks—four focused on chronic disease and two on prevention—there’s something suitable for everyone.

Chronic Disease Tracks

Adults with the following would benefit from Cooper Tracks:

  • Cardiovascular: Diagnosed with stable cardiovascular disease, completed cardiac rehabilitation or may not qualify for cardiac rehabilitation or those who have cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Arthritis: Diagnosed with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory arthritic conditions.
  • Diabetes: Prediabetes or those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
  • Cancer: Diagnosed with cancer or those recovering from cancer at any stage.

Prevention Tracks

To help prevent illness and chronic disease, adults with the following would benefit from Cooper Tracks prevention tracks:

  • Immunity and Reconditioning: Desiring to follow a preventive approach to boost immunity or those recovering from COVID-19 or illness/immobility.
  • Well-Being: Who desire to follow a preventive approach to health, deconditioned or sedentary and inconsistent with regular exercise.

Watch the video below to learn more about Cooper Tracks.

Programs are eight weeks in length with two small group exercise/education sessions per week. Sessions consist of a 50-minute workout including a warm-up, cardiovascular exercise, strength-training and cooldown. Each program begins with a pre-program health assessment which includes testing cardiovascular endurance with a six-minute walk test and a body composition test. Throughout the duration of Cooper Tracks, participants are given a personalized exercise plan as well as education materials, including goal setting, to help them better understand how to manage their chronic disease and live a healthy life. At the conclusion of the program, the same assessment is performed to show individuals how far they’ve come over the eight weeks.

Lotty Repp Casillas joined the Cooper Diabetes Track at Cooper Fitness Center thinking it would invigorate her but she gained so much more. “It has been good to have a group who has diabetes to talk to and figure out how to deal with the good and bad days. I have loved this experience; it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time,” says Casillas. Not only has Casillas gained a better understanding of exercise relating to diabetes, she also bonded with other participants and instructor Debi Wilkins, MS, professional fitness trainer. “Debi has been incredible. She has really taken the time to know and understand how we are dealing with diabetes.”

Cooper Wellness Strategies Programs Director Sheryl Brown, PT, MSPT, says “Cooper Tracks is not your typical small group training. The education component is specific to the chronic disease being addressed which promotes self-efficacy and independence with management of the chronic disease. Cooper Tracks focuses on all four domains of health and wellness—physical, mental, social and behavioral— which sets us apart from other fitness programs.” Addressing all domains of health ensures the participant’s physical, social and emotional needs are being met which fosters long-term compliance and better outcomes for the participant. These programs are individualized based on the needs of each participant while also providing community, accountability, fitness and education in a small intimate setting.

Carla Sottovia, PhD, Director of Fitness and Personal Training Education at Cooper Fitness Center, says “My favorite part of seeing Cooper Tracks come to life is the positive feedback we’ve been given. Participants have enjoyed the program structure and it has been great to see them grow from day one to the end of the program.”

While the chronic disease tracks are specific to individuals living with a chronic disease, Brown and Sottovia agree that the prevention tracks truly are for anyone. “The Well-being Track can apply to anyone because it consists of comprehensive educational content centered around mental health, stress management, body ergonomics and mindful relaxation techniques,” says Brown.

Whether you are diagnosed with a chronic disease or want to focus on prevention, Cooper Tracks is proving that fitness and wellness is for everyone.

Cooper Tracks is currently offered at:

To join Cooper Tracks, contact one of the facilities in your area. Interested in implementing Cooper Tracks in your facility? Visit the Cooper Tracks page on Cooper Wellness Strategies website, call 972.560.3263 or fill out the online form.